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5 Ways to Win Over Candidates on Instagram

What does it take to get a candidate’s attention on Instagram? Showing employees playing as hard as they work is social media gold (@wearecisco). Providing words of wisdom in a quote is a nice touch, too (@eyuscareers).

But if your recruitment brand doesn’t have any shareable content at the moment, fear not. Here are five ways to create Instagram posts that will keep candidates from scrolling upward and onward.

1. Sweet locations

Show off your fun office environment. You know, the walking trails, the ping-pong table, the palm trees, the giraffes (yes, one of our clients has giraffes). It all makes for interesting content. Even without giraffes, let everyone see the beauty – or strength, or pride, or some other intangible – of your workspace. 

2. Cool products

If you have it, flaunt it. Showcase pictures of employees next to iconic products or IP. But even if your brand doesn’t have those things – if, say, your brand makes widgets – there are plenty of ways to create posts that’ll earn likes. Can you show your widgets in unexpected places? Or can you tell candidates something they don’t know about your brand?

3. Good photography

Photos that are professionally done – or at least well thought out – are a nice contrast to the DIY content we see on IG. Poor lighting? Shaky hands? Yeah, that has its charm, but save it for your Friday night Instagramming with friends. If candidates are scouting out a recruitment brand on social media, happy faces will make them feel welcome.

4. Video

You don’t have to have a major film studio in your portfolio to create video — you just need a smart phone. Take advantage of that. If you don’t feel like you’ve got the creative chops to shoot video, chances are someone in your office is a budding auteur.

5. Keep it real

Last but definitely least …The brands that talk to candidates instead of marketing to them in the picture captions? That’s a definite win. It reminds social media users that a company is powered by actual men and women they can relate to. So don’t hit your audience with corporate speak. Put a playful, fun tone out there. It’s Instagram, after all.

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