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Successful Collaboration in the Workplace

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*Also written by Heather DeLand Our unified platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need....

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Anna CopperWritten by

Building a Solid Foundation for your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

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In our final blog post in this series, we’re discussing how you can attract AND retain diverse talent. Be sure to check out our previous posts: Part One Part Two Part Three...

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Sophia MadanaWritten by

Overcoming Assumptions in Diversity and Inclusion

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In our last post in this series, we touched on the workforce’s growing demand to work for value-driven companies that understand the holistic benefits of prioritizing diversity...

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Anna CopperWritten by

The Workforce of the Future is Here

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In part two of our Diversity and Inclusion series we’re discussing the role of transparency and authenticity in attracting a more diverse workforce. Be sure to check out...

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Shannon PowellWritten by

So You Want to Talk Diversity and Inclusion…

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In this highly digital era where everyone lives on their cellphones, we have seen the tangible impact that social media can have on social justice reform. With hashtags like...

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