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Mike BlissWritten by

Your Jobs, Gone Viral

Candidate Experience, Employer Branding, End-to-End Engagement, Social Recruiting, Trends| Views: 2236

Ask just about anyone what they think is the best way to go about getting a job and they’ll tell you in a word – networking.  While many companies will pay their...

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Ladder into pool

Allison KelleyWritten by

Job Listings Haven’t Gone Off the Deep End – In Fact, They’ve Barely Scratched the Surface

Candidate Experience, Employer Branding, End-to-End Engagement| Views: 2075

There was a time, not long ago, when marketers were marketers. Now they are mavens. Accountants are wizards. And sales reps are unicorns. According to a recent Atlantic article,...

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Allison KelleyWritten by

It’s Not You, It’s Your Job Description: How Customization Can Keep Your Candidates Engaged

End-to-End Engagement| Views: 2626

We live in an era of mass customization. From Netflix to Spotify to Blue Apron, consumers have the power to create a life tailored to their exact needs. So why should an...

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TMP WorldwideWritten by

Nine Ways to Make Better Job Descriptions Today

End-to-End Engagement, Recruitment Marketing| Views: 2874

It’s almost too easy to make fun of (or simply lament) the state of modern job descriptions. Or rather, how little they’ve changed in the last 40 years while the rest of the...

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