How our global, fully remote workforce is staying together

Each Tuesday and Thursday, our employees from around the world gather – cameras on – smiling at the sight of familiar faces. At noon EST, a “TMP Livecast” background appears, feeling like one-part futuristic wormhole and one-part MTV News with Kurt Loder. Next, we’ll spend a half-hour together sharing a few laughs, followed by content on what’s happening in our industry.

The concept was established immediately after our workforce moved to 100% remote. It was considered an important step in the rapid transition of a company whose culture and customers thrive on collaboration. We wanted to make sure our employees weren’t feeling disconnected and that the distance wouldn’t be a barrier to collaborative thinking. So we assembled a team, put together a plan and scheduled the first Livecast one week later.

Building on the inspiration of amazing communities of people using social and video platforms to connect live, we now broadcast to our entire global workforce twice a week. Hosted by Matt Mroczka – our charismatic and charming VP of Client Strategy – we start each broadcast with some lighthearted commentary about working from home, and then we review our favorite memes and share images from our TMPers, depicting the creative ways they’re adjusting to working from home. But we give the bulk of the time to one of our Subject Matter Experts to share interesting and topical information with the group. So far, topics have ranged from engagement strategies for the new social media landscape, to leading indicators based on data from across our global network of over 550 career sites, to how labor market dynamics will likely change creative, content and the candidate experience. Our goal: to keep our people together and inspired by new ideas and creative ways of finding solutions for our clients in this anomalous labor market.

“Livecast is a great initiative and a way to bring everyone together at the same time to share info. None of the agencies that my circle is a part of does this kind of stuff. #myproudmoment” –Amandeep, TMP Worldwide, India

“Thanks for these awesome programs! They’re very entertaining and informative. I enjoyed today’s conversation on consumer behavior. I was able to take lots of notes on opportunities for my client to increase relevancy with our audiences” –Molly TMP, Chicago

“Useful informative content, we also need some humour. It’s the thing missing from people’s daily life at the moment – that office camaraderie” –Nathan, AIA, London

The initial feedback has been very positive, leading us to create a twice-monthly Livecast for our clients based on the best content from that week. Our first external Livecast will be Monday, April 13th, and will feature Paul Harrison talking about the current and changing state of social media. 

Just like you, we’re focused on clearly pinpointing the horizon of what’s next. While under that context, the “new normal” feels like a moving target, by focusing on our people and the unique culture of our organization, we’ll ensure that when the dust settles, we haven’t lost sight of who we are as a company and how we can best serve our customers.

About Jahkedda Akbar Mitchell

Jahkedda has many years of experience providing strategic guidance, data, and insights on job-seeker trends in support of Radancy and its clients. She has also worked in-house on the candidate attraction team for a large fortune 500 company. Jahkedda has a passion for psychology and storytelling; understanding why we do what we do and how to change behaviors...only using her powers for good. Jahkedda is a member of Radancy Labs: a design thinking focused innovation lab.

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