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How Does Meta’s Threads Impact Talent Acquisition?

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On July 5th, Meta launched Threads, a “text-based conversation app” that emphasizes private sharing and close connections among users. Within the first five days, the app had been downloaded over 100M times. With Threads, individuals can share photos, videos, messages, and stories exclusively with a selected circle of close friends or specific groups. The app’s focus on one-on-one interactions caters to users seeking more meaningful connections on social media. Threads also integrates with other Meta platforms like Instagram and Messenger, providing seamless cross-platform experiences.

Why does this matter? Today, 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search. As talent acquisition professionals, it’s important to keep top of mind the digital destinations that these job seekers are visiting, and more crucially, how we can continue to make connections with them. Rich storytelling can accelerate employer brand awareness and shift candidate perspectives, delivering engaging content at every touchpoint.

Since the app launched, brands have been seizing the opportunity to make their first Threads posts memorable and a bit cheeky. In the examples below, you’ll see how each brand is leveraging their own unique voice to engage with old and new followers alike. This type of connection ladders back to the original intent of the platform.

It’s important to consider how effective a channel like Threads is to a recruitment content strategy. When looking at the benefits and disadvantages of the platform, the most common items to consider are included in the table below.

You may be asking, “What should I do right now?” There’s a lot to take in. But if you’re looking for a place to start, consider the following actions:

  1. Secure your username. To maintain cohesiveness, consider signing up for Threads using your designated Instagram handle. This will ensure another user does not co-opt your brand’s name.
  2. Explore the community. Once the account’s been created, explore the channel. Follow relevant brands and publications and pay attention to the content they’re publishing. Note the reactions they receive from followers.
  3. Experiment with content. Try something different. Because Threads is so new, think about past Instagram posts or Tweets that were successful. Is there a way to repurpose these for the Threads audience?

The subject matter experts at Radancy will continue to monitor and assess Threads as a viable component of your holistic talent acquisition strategy. There’s a lot to watch and observe, and Threads will rapidly evolve over time. That being said, in this moment, we predict:

  • Threads will continue to face an uphill battle. If the majority of the channel’s attention continues to focus on influencers and brands, it’s possible that Threads becomes a “big broadcast channel” instead of a communal conversation destination.
  • The early success of Threads proves that disruption in social marketing is a constant. Part of a well-rounded social content strategy is the ability to remain agile based on industry updates and changes.
  • It’s still unknown how job seekers will utilize Threads throughout their job search. Brands are experimenting with content from a consumer-facing perspective, but it’s yet to be seen how the platform can cater to the needs of candidates.

Attract the qualified talent your company is looking for by effectively communicating the values of your organization through a variety of engaging content. Driven by data, you can harness the full power of the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud to maximize the reach of your employer brand and optimize touchpoints along the entire candidate journey.

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