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Talent Acquisition and HR Career Path Advice: Insights from Global Women in Leadership 

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In honor of Women’s History Month, Radancy’s Women in Leadership Group hosted a panel discussion on “The Path to Leadership,” featuring ten women in talent acquisition leadership across our global customer base. As one of Radancy’s many global employee resource groups, the mission of our Women in Leadership Group is to expand and advance opportunities for women within the world of work and develop structured support for career growth within our company. As part of this mission, this employee resource group hosts quarterly panels to put women in conversation both within the company and externally. Panel discussions provide a space for women across Radancy to share their unique experiences and learn from one another. 

Talent Acquisition and HR Career Path Advice  

Our March event was an inspirational conversation that highlighted the HR and TA career path stories of accomplished women who have risen to prominent leadership positions at some of the world’s most renowned companies. During the panel discussion, professionals from various industries shared insights on themes such as career progression, leadership and personal growth. They emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities, embracing setbacks as learning opportunities and being intentional about career visibility. Additionally, the discussion delved into the approach to leadership, with some participants noting that their journey into leadership roles was not always linear, but rather evolved naturally through experience and embracing challenges and opportunities in their HR and talent acquisition career paths. 

We were truly blown away by the incredible insights these panelists shared with us and wanted to share a few quotes from the event with you! 

Evaluating Career Opportunities in HR and Talent Acquisition  

“When you get a career opportunity and you can’t decide whether to take it, just think, in five years’ time would you regret it if you didn’t take it? And if there’s any ounce of regret – go for it.” 

Catherine Tomnie – CCEP 

The Role of Mentors in Career Growth 

“I think mentors are hugely important. And I think they play a huge role in your growth as a leader. But I do think, like most things, you’re going to get what you put into it.” 

Farrah Ekeroth – EY

The Value of Knowing Yourself  

“There’s nothing more freeing than just being who you are. Some people will accept you. Some people won’t. Sometimes our successes and our failures become us, and I think it’s really important to detach yourself both from your successes and your failures and stand firm in who you are.” 

Syreeta Brown – Virgin Money

Empowering Your Career Journey in HR and Talent Acquisition

We’d like to say a huge thank you to each of the incredible leaders from across our team and global client base who shared their insights with us on this panel for participating in this conversation to empower women on their talent acquisition and HR career journeys.  

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