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Five Things to Think About When Choosing Your Recruitment Marketing Partner

The right recruitment marketing partner understands the importance of a CRM that easily allows your talent acquisition team to manage and communicate with your prospective candidates. However, a CRM is only one of many components necessary to implement an effective strategy. A strong ally is paramount to driving the right talent into that CRM, and will work with you to develop a best-in-class strategy that incorporates your employment brand, media investment, career site, and metrics.

Your career site is a prime destination for you to gather information about prospective candidates. Additionally, your recruitment marketing partner can help you gather metrics such as visits, applications, time on site, most frequently viewed pages, device type used, traffic sources, etc. The partner should support your strategy with a dedicated team that knows how to analyze and use this data to optimize the pages on your career site, produce compelling content, effectively use social media, and apply the data to shape advanced audience modeling for effective prospecting campaigns.

So, given the tremendous importance and potential payoff of recruitment marketing technology, here are five qualities to look for when choosing a partner:

1. Appreciation of the Importance of Job Descriptions

The job description has always been and continues to be the most underrated part of your career site. This remains true even though 40 percent of completed applications came from applicants who only looked at a job description before applying, according to a recent TMP Worldwide study. Your recruitment marketing partner should be able to showcase examples of how they are using technology to tell your brand story via engaging job descriptions. Some things to look for include a flexible design platform that enables you to integrate content highly targeted to the positions that will engage successful candidates, such as video, custom messaging, maps, and visual representations of the requirements and responsibilities.

2. A Global Footprint

Are you part of a global organization today or one that aspires to gain a foothold into global markets in the future? If so, it is imperative that your recruitment marketing partner have proven expertise in markets beyond the United States. Identifying, communicating with and attracting the right talent to your organization requires a customized approach and relationships with in-country subject matter experts.

3. Persistent and Predictive

Did you know that 59 percent of visitors to your career site don’t apply for a job? Based on 2017 TMP Worldwide metrics, this means that you may be losing a significant portion of the investment you made to attract them to your career site. You can reduce this loss with a recruitment marketing partner that is proficiently using automation to harvest and remarket to right-fit candidates who expressed interest but did not apply.

4. Full Support vs. Do-it-Yourself

You’re selecting a recruitment marketing partner for a reason. Be wary of a company that is offering a platform that provides you with the “flexibility” to maintain it yourself. Instead, seek out an organization that offers dedicated support and optimization of your platform that is in line with your overall strategy.

5. Proof Points

Whitepapers, podcasts, and slick technology demos are everywhere. But when it comes time to select your recruitment marketing partner, nothing will tell you more than the number of satisfied clients, live career sites and resources dedicated to your account.

For an example of effective recruitment marketing strategy combined with technology, click here to see a great video describing how VMware is bringing their employment brand to life globally.

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