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Five Ways to Brand Yourself as a Candidate’s Employer of Choice

In job searching, candidates are told to put their best foot forward. But as we know, job searching is a two-way street. That’s why the same advice should be applied to employers seeking quality candidates. According to the 2019 Yello Recruiting Study, over 80% of Gen Z candidates are finding jobs online – which means they are also reading third-party reviews on your company. So how do you leverage and activate your employer brand to entice jobseekers? You might be surprised to find that your company already has these ideas in place. We put together a list of successful and simple initiatives that will help you attract superior applicants.

1. Company Volunteering

Your employees participate, and they love it! Why not let jobseekers know about all the cool stuff you’re involved in? Volunteering is a wonderful extracurricular activity to make a positive impact in the community while tapping into your passions and bonding with coworkers. A clever hashtag is one tactic to craft a cohesive brand and continue the conversation on social media channels. For example, Target launched #TargetVolunteers on Instagram to showcase photos of a brand story built on teamwork. 

2. Career Pathing

Infographics are an excellent method to demonstrate career path opportunities at your company. These can be posted on your company’s website to show prospective candidates how they can progress over time, taking on higher level positions and responsibilities. When a candidate is given the opportunity to develop and advance in their career, they will feel valued as an important asset to their future team. According to Entrepreneur.com, 7 in 10 professionals want to work for a company that has career growth prospects, encourages new ideas, and provides training. In addition to attracting top talent, offering these opportunities will retain that talent.

3. Day in the Life

What’s a typical day in the life like on the job? Video diaries of current employees are both entertaining and innovative. A potential candidate can get a sense of what their new environment will be like by viewing these videos. Change up the content to follow an employee’s day, from tackling challenging projects to finding the best go-to lunch spots.

4. Location Profile

Similar to a job profile, if your organization has several locations, an office profile of each is a great way to show what you’re made of. This can easily be done in the form of a blog. A series of blog articles can detail the history of the city, points of recreation, and more for those who are moving to this location to start a new job.

5. Targeting Higher Education

Another strategy is to visit colleges and universities. Here, you can scout out young graduates who are just beginning their job search. Recent grads may also be totally unfamiliar with your industry. In partnering with the college career center, you can host information sessions and build relationships at the campus career fair. Rather than only twice a year, make it a goal to be accessible for campus visits more frequently.This is an amazing opportunity to convey who you are and get college graduates interested in applying to your open roles.

An organization that portrays itself authentically will not only attract more talent, but will also attract the right talent whose values align with their own – making it a win-win for both employer and employee!

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