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Top Takeaways From #HRTechConf

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The HRE HR Technology Conference is consistently one of the biggest HR conferences of the year where forward-looking professionals rethink HR and leverage technology to exceed employee expectations and succeed in business. We loved having the opportunity again this year to be a sponsor with an interactive booth and Talent Bar. While meeting many of the attendees was the highlight of the conferences, we had a chance to scope out the HR Tech scene. Here are three lessons we learned:

1) Diversity and Inclusion matters to everyone

Though AI and automation continued to be top of mind for HR technology thought leaders at the annual HR Tech Conference and Expo, conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion, particularly the role of women in HR tech, took center stage.

2)  We are getting closer and closer to AI

The onset of automation and artificial intelligence is already shaking up a number of jobs, eliminating certain roles altogether and significantly altering others.

Still, even as automation grows, there will be a need for human employees, even though their skill sets will have to be different. Soft skills such as communication and leadership that can’t so easily be taught to robots will be increasingly important.

3)  Know your data

Another key theme that emerged at the conference is the continued importance of data when it comes to making hiring decisions. HR teams have access to more data than ever before. Knowing how to leverage the relevant data is vital, but preparing for the future is just as important.

No matter what you learn each year, HR Tech is THE place to get the whole picture of the HR technology market. As technology and innovation continues to grow and drive the HR and recruiting industry, we can’t wait to learn more and see what next year brings!

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