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The Importance of Employer Brand: AT&T’s Story

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In today’s competitive recruiting landscape, your organization’s employer brand is becoming increasingly important. According to LinkedIn, 80% of talent leaders agree that an employer’s brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent. Companies that invest in this can see up to a 50% increase in qualified applicants. It’s no wonder more and more companies are dedicating resources to improving their employer brand.

As an organization, AT&T is evolving into a global entertainment, media & technology company. This presents a need for them to communicate this change to potential candidates. Understanding the importance of building a strong employer brand, AT&T partnered with us on the re-launch of their career site, www.att.jobs. AT&T also worked with us on a full creative refresh of their Career Site. Utilizing the TalentBrew software, AT&T was able to simplify and enhance the candidate experience, while integrating employee stories throughout the candidate journey. Here’s how we did it:

  • Introduced captivating video content. We integrated video footage throughout the experience to provide an inside look at a glance, without requiring users to navigate through a video library.
  • Added a sleek design. AT&T’s brand evolution required a sleek sophisticated feel that felt like a technology company, without having to explicitly state it.
  • Featured brand new employee photography. Shot on location, all of the photography features actual AT&T employees and team members, giving candidates an inside look to what it’s really like to work at AT&T.
  • Redesigned the main menu. One of the most important parts of a career site is the menu used to navigate through the site. We simplified the navigation in order to make it easier to use.
  • Told real stories. Throughout the site, you’ll find employee social posts, video interviews, testimonials and company reviews that share real experiences of what it’s truly like to work at AT&T.

Interested in learning more? Make sure to check out our employer brand webinar this Thursday to learn how to harness the branding power of your workforce. Don’t put off updating your employer brand any longer. Contact us today and learn how TalentBrew can take your Employer Brand to the next level.

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