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Building a Solid Foundation for your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

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In our final blog post in this series, we’re discussing how you can attract AND retain diverse talent. Be sure to check out our previous posts:

Creating a workforce that is both diverse and inclusive requires time as well as resources. But the results are worth it. Research from employee engagement company Limeade found that employees who feel included are 28 percent more engaged in their work, 43 percent more committed to their company and 51 percent more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work. And according to a recent report by consulting firm McKinsey, companies with diverse management teams are significantly more profitable.

It’s true that culture is often slow to change even when reality does. The Pew Research Center conducted a study that analyzed results from a Google Image search of men and women working common jobs, then compared them with real data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the 105 jobs that were analyzed, women were underrepresented in search results for 57 percent and overrepresented in 42 percent.

We’ve discussed how Millennials and Generation Z are more diverse and values driven than previous generations. They often come into workplaces with very different expectations of their employers when it comes diversity and inclusion.

We’ve also looked at the challenges companies face when trying to diversify their workforce, and we’ve shown examples of organizations that have had success in transforming their hiring processes and culture.

Finally, we’ve shown how attracting diverse talent isn’t the same as retaining it. A diverse workforce can be deceptively easy to get but notoriously difficult to maintain if the culture doesn’t support it. A truly diverse workforce must be inclusive. Simply put: your workplace needs to be a space where everyone not only feels represented but also valued and respected for who they are and what skills they bring.

Your workplace needs to be a space where everyone not only feels represented but also valued and respected for who they are and what skills they bring.

Many companies want to skip straight to the part of recruitment where they have the photos that show their diversity. A snapshot of representation can seem to candidates like an afterthought because sometimes it is truly is. Diversity and inclusion is something that needs to be woven throughout recruitment strategy and the company culture, not just thought of during Black History Month. Without the investment to diagnose and address underlying cultural issues, photos are a short-term solution at best.

If your workforce is truly inclusive of the perspectives of all of your employees, your reputation will speak for itself—through your employees–on Glassdoor, on InHerSight, on Fairygodboss, at networking events and through word of mouth.

And the photos? They’ll be there to prove it.

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