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Five Steps to Build Your Employee Engagement Action Plan

Employee Engagement has a direct impact to an organization’s bottom line, so it is crucial to measure engagement, listen to what your employees have to say, then set goals based on their feedback. These are the crucial first steps in the development of a successful action plan – one that can help keep your employees engaged even in these unprecedented times.


You have to start by analyzing the data. Look for trends and patterns in the information you’ve gathered. These are the areas you want to target in order to improve the employee experience. This will tell you where you can make the greatest impact.


Communicate the results of the survey to your employees and talk about the actions that are going to be taken. Talk to your employees about the initiatives you’re working on and the progress you’re making. Remember if you ask them for feedback, they are going to expect results, so you need to share with them.


Establish initiatives that address the areas of need that you’ve identified. This is the step where you create a plan to improve your employee experience:

  • Create SMART goals. What do you want to accomplish? Break this down for each initiative.
  • Agree on KPIs. Get all stakeholders involved in the initiatives to agree on how to measure success.
  • Decide on the owners. Who will own these initiatives? Who will be responsible for seeing them through?
  • Set a timeline. While these projects are always in progress, you should set completion dates for each initiative, even if it means making the deadline for a single phase of the initiative. This will help you move forward.

As you design your plan, it is important to address the stages of the employee lifecycle to understand the candidate experience that your organization is delivering – from application through offboarding.

Your employees are vital assets, and you should have a career site that is tailored to helping them find new opportunities within your organization. With our unified platform, we give our clients an internal mobility solution that does just that. A site that is uniquely geared to employees, allowing them to view openings in various departments, while giving them access to relevant content, upskilling information and internal resources. It also provides clients clear, actionable data on the internal candidate experience, giving them the insights to make improvements where needed. 

And finally, for offboarding: Are you maintaining relationships with your alumni and providing them with resources? This is a highly valuable and often overlooked stage of the lifecycle. When someone leaves the company, they are bound to share their experiences with co-workers who are still employed there, or friends who might be considering employment. Fostering alumni communication is the foundation for continued positive relationships. And who knows, it might even be the catalyst that turns a former employee into a current employee again.


Encourage feedback on your initiatives and employee engagement. While initial feedback is a great foundation, you must continue getting feedback so you can measure your progress and continue implementing new initiatives based on what employees want to see.


Keep working on it. Employee engagement work should always continue –it’s never done. Once you have the feedback on your initiatives, you should continue to evolve them and look for other areas of improvement.

As you follow through on these five steps, remember that your employees are often the best ones to tell you how to improve the employee experience at your organization. You’ll probably find that most of them are more than willing to share. Then the ball is in your court, and it’s time for your organization to make the best use of that valuable information.

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After working in the marketing field for more than 10 years and the Talent Acquisition industry for more than eight, Allacyn is leveraging her experience in her new role as an Employee Engagement Manager. Improving the employee experience is something Allacyn is truly passionate about because employee engagement is not only vital in supporting our clients, but also key to the success of our business. Outside of work, Allacyn loves to travel and explore new places with her husband and spend time with her baby boy.

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