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Our unified platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need. See how we created a rich, branded experience to meet Massage Envy’s needs.

Overseeing recruitment marketing for a national organization is hard. Overseeing recruitment marketing in support of over 1100 franchised locations nationwide, each its own independently owned and operated business with its own unique culture, circumstances and challenges? Yikes.

It’s one thing if your franchise is selling products (i.e. McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, etc.), it’s even more daunting when people are the product of your franchise. That’s the challenge for our client partners at Massage Envy Franchising, LLC. And that’s not lost on Jessica Pumo, the Senior Director of Employee Brand Marketing:

“When I was initially recruited for this position, I couldn’t resist the draw of getting to apply over a decade’s worth of marketing skills to an emerging space like talent marketing. I’d never encountered anything like it before. And it’s still not very common to find roles like mine within franchise brands because it’s incredibly difficult to create a compelling employee value proposition that’s true for an entire network of independent employers. And once that’s done, you still have the challenge of crafting a national, omni-channel marketing strategy to push it to the talent pool, as well as a comprehensive plan for performance analysis and optimization. It’s not for the faint of heart and not something you can tackle alone.”

So, in 2016, Massage Envy Franchising came to TMP.

Prior to this point, the employer brand and talent acquisition marketing were not being managed nationally, but they knew they needed to get in the game with a unified strategy to help franchisees staff up to meet growing consumer demand.

A multi-year plan was developed that included:

  • Employer Brand and Creative Development
  • Candidate Experience
  • Data and Analytics
  • Continuous Optimization and Enhancements

In other words, we needed to figure out what to say, how to say it, where to say it, how to determine if it was working, and then how to improve it.

Both TMP’s unparalleled account service and our unified platform would be key to their success.

With the brand positioning, we worked to change the current perception that working at a Massage Envy franchised location is just a good starter job to the fact that a career at a Massage Envy franchised location offers opportunities for people to grow their skills, feel a sense of community, and feel cared for in the same way that they care for their clients.

To do this effectively, they needed to tell that story on both…

The Careers Site Homepage:


The Jobs Page:

With that, the candidates coming to the careers site have access to the information they need to build an informed understanding.

But what about those who aren’t coming to the website?

To reach potential (passive) candidates, we use AI, network audience data, and the career site visitor data to prospect for look-a-like talent on the web. Then we put employer brand messaging directly in front of them to drive them to the site.

Now we’re saying the right things and reaching the right people.

With all that in place, the next step is ensuring we have the right data for continuous improvement. How do we do that? We listen.

We deployed a careers site survey with the aim of understanding the mindset of their specific job-seeking audience.

This provided numerous insights that we use to optimize the program over the long term. Understanding from early results that:

  • Culture is of the utmost importance
  • Candidates want to work for employers with a cause they can believe in

We reflect these messages on the site to ensure these both come through.

“Working in close partnership with our team at Massage Envy Franchising has been a fantastic journey. They are completely dedicated to the work they do in supporting their franchise network. While we are constantly incorporating optimizations and strategies to deliver more of the right kinds of applicants, more efficiently, within the scope of our partnership, we are also excited about leveraging improved technology in the future to find and engage our audiences.” – Denise Lavollay, Director Client Strategy, TMP Worldwide 

All these efforts are pointing Massage Envy Franchising in the right direction:

  • Careers site visitors are up
  • Those visitors are applying at a higher rate
  • The acquisition costs for those applications are down

Of course, all this precedes COVID-19, and given the services Massage Envy franchised locations provide, they’ve been significantly impacted.

But, thanks to our solid partnership and the foundation we’ve built together, TMP and Massage Envy Franchising are already planning how we can come out of this stronger than ever.

“There’s no playbook for how to manage the employee brand marketing needs of a large franchise network in the midst of a pandemic. We’re so thankful for the support we’ve received from our TMP partners every step of the way. From responding quickly with pivots in our messaging to reflect the rapidly changing reality on the ground to rebalancing our tactics and spend with an eye toward putting us in a position of strength to ramp back up, they’ve helped us to be quick, nimble, and strategic when it counted most.” – Jessica Pumo, Senior Director of Employee Brand Marketing, Massage Envy

To find out what Massage Envy franchised locations have to offer, check out their TalentBrew Careers Site at: https://jobs.massageenvy.com/

Our unified platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need. Want to see what we can achieve together? Connect with us today.

Special thanks to the Massage Envy Account Team at TMP:

  • Denise Lavollay, Director Client Strategy
  • Sonia Bucio, Account Executive

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