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Helping Dell Technologies Reach for the Moon

Dell Technologies’ Social Impact Plan for 2030 defined four “Moonshot Goals” that they want to achieve by the end of the decade. With a successful partnership than spans many years, Dell Technologies asked for Radancy’s help in EMEA to deliver on the goal of “Cultivating Inclusion,” which aims for 50% of their global workforce and 40% of their global leaders to be women. The output of this project – new messaging regarding women and diversity hiring – will be activated and delivered seamlessly on our Career Site solution built on Radancy’s Unified Platform.

“Our Social Impact plan for 2030 has as its core objective that Dell Technologies becomes as diverse and inclusive as possible. Our objective is to provide and expand opportunities for personal growth to women at all stages of their careers in a clear and transparent way and this campaign will contribute to us reaching a more diverse audience.”

Jim Jackson, EMEA Talent Acquisition Vice President

Our challenge and approach

By definition, EMEA comprises all of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa – a very large and diverse region with more than 31,000 Dell Technologies employees. With 158,000 employees worldwide, Dell Technologies is a quite heterogeneous company, so part of our task was to identify what “diversity” and “female hiring” meant to the populations and stakeholders across EMEA.

We had to ensure that Dell Technologies was able to communicate their diversity message consistently across the region; at the same time, we knew that we needed to tailor it to local markets once the larger communication concept was defined.

Our messaging needed to stand out and be credible in a global market in which most companies are currently quite heavily focused on their diversity and inclusion efforts. We needed to position Dell Technologies as a uniquely suitable place for women at all career levels.

An EMEA-wide communications framework

In a two-part virtual design thinking workshop, we met with more than 20 Talent Acquisition colleagues from over a dozen countries. We looked at the candidate journey and created an empathy map for female early career candidates. Participants then got together in individual virtual rooms to identify the best approaches to attract different (female) talent segments.

From the results, we created a comprehensive messaging framework for female talent attraction in EMEA and identified to-dos for Dell Technologies that resulted from the empathy mapping exercise. The communications concept would provide the strategy for the decade ahead and equip Dell Technologies with the ability to communicate consistently across the EMEA region while working toward their ambitious Moonshot Goal. In a timeline that included actions for their Career Site pages and job ads, as well as media strategy and tactics, we defined the next project steps that would set Dell Technologies up for success.

Creative execution

We developed the creative concept for the new EMEA diversity hiring strategy leveraging the expertise of our teams from both the Hamburg and London offices. The creative showcases the amazing opportunities that people at Dell Technologies have, and the fact the organization provides the right environment for them to lead a satisfying and fulfilling work life.

Anchored by the theme line: Dell is “A Place For You.”, we define Dell Technologies as a place where people of all areas of expertise thrive – a place where one can break stereotypes, embrace their unique strengths, and exceed expectations.

Our approach offers lots of flexibility for future iterations of the campaign – after all, we’re working toward a goal that spans nine years. While the campaign will see refreshes and updates on our unified platform, in media, and in communications, this initial version provides the foundation that’s designed to evolve.

We consciously chose to show people in various settings – in an office, a public space like a café, or at home with their families – to put a strong visual emphasis on the fact that “a place for you” can be anywhere you choose. Photographs of Dell Technologies employees with their children reflect today’s hybrid work reality.

“We hire across more than 50 countries in EMEA, that experience various challenges when it comes to diversity, so to be able to have a campaign with one unified approach that can be localized is very impactful. We have already started seeing success in terms of how it is being embraced across the region. Radancy did a great job by educating our leaders on the benefits of having a unified approach and guiding us through this entire process.”

Cisely Wilson, EMEA Recruitment Marketing & Diversity Lead at Dell Technologies

To date, we’ve created assets in English and German, and we’re excited to see the campaign live after many months in the making. French assets will follow, as will other languages to cater to the respective markets. Further, next steps include local tailoring of the messages and the media assets where needed. Shortly, we’ll be able to see and assess the initial results from our media campaign. Thanks to our comprehensive metrics, we are able to observe the entire candidate journey, including how visitors interact with and respond to our messaging, and can automate, optimize and personalize accordingly to achieve the best possible results.

This is only the beginning of Dell’s Moonshot. We look forward to helping Dell Technologies reach their goals by 2030 – or earlier.

Special thanks to the Dell EMEA team at Radancy:

  • Wiebke Henning – Brand Consulting
  • Cem Özel – Account Service
  • Pete Bayer, Heather DeLand, Megan Little, Philipp Schäfer, Martin Stäbler – Creative Development
  • Aike Bohl, Kamil Krok – Media

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