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Today, I – CHS Inc.’s Candidate Experience Journey

For those who do not know, CHS is a global agribusiness that connects farmers, local cooperatives, and other components of the supply chain for the greater good of all.

But if indeed you didn’t know, that’s not surprising. They’re not a household name … even though they have a universally interesting story – one of sustainability, inclusivity, dedication and purpose.

As such, talent acquisition for CHS requires some creative flair … some facilitation … some expertise.

As usual, Radancy can help.

To properly showcase what CHS offers in a career, we needed to paint a picture of the employee experience.

“We led a discovery phase that helped us develop conceptual pillars for CHS – which informed the look and feel of the career site experience,” explains Radancy Creative Director Tim Connor.

“At the end of the concept development phase, we landed on ‘What I did today’ as our guidepost for the employer brand. Anyone can advertise a job title. So why not show candidates an actual career experience? That’s exactly what we do in the ‘What I did today’ concept.”

With a compelling and genuine message like this, it next becomes about creating a personalized, effective and compelling digital destination for candidates to engage with your brand positioning, job opportunities and functionality.

“Built on Radancy’s Unified Platform, the career site was structured for candidates to discover who CHS is through our superior job search experience,” recounts Radancy Strategic Software Account Manager Natalie Miller. “CHS has a variety of career areas from farming to corporate, so it was important that all positions were well represented. Each employee’s role has a positive impact in giving back to the community, so we shared those stories through images, testimonials and content pages.”

The site allows candidates to easily ‘Find Their Purpose’ by searching the job area of interest, which is facilitated by imagery of real employees in different job fields within CHS.

From there, candidates can dig deeper into the real-world experience of current employees … learning what they did today and every day! And as the candidate learns more about CHS, the Career Site itself is getting smarter with each interaction. By leveraging Machine Learning, AI and rich data, we can display relevant jobs based on previous browsing behavior, personalized content and more.

Transportation roles are especially critical for CHS. So, here we deliver the ‘Cadillac’ of candidate experience courtesy of our Advanced Job Descriptions, bringing the role to life through imagery, insights, profiles and more:

“Radancy’s partnership was invaluable throughout the creative discovery process as well as the technical aspects of the site build,” recounts Jessi Sletten, CHS Inc.’s Director of Talent Acquisition (Head of TA).

“We had also gone live with a new applicant tracking system and HR system, so resources on our end were at a premium. The partnership with our internal marketing/communications team, but also our talent acquisition and HR technology groups, was fantastic. The CHS business is complex, and having a partner who truly takes time to understand our voice and our value proposition was key to a successful implementation. I truly consider the Radancy team an extension of our CHS team, and look forward to our continued success together.”

And that’s just what CHS did today – thanks in part to its partnership with Radancy and our unified platform.

To see what the future holds, keep checking https://jobs.chsinc.com/

Special thanks to the CHS Account Team at Radancy:

  • Natalie Miller, Strategic Software Account Manager
  • Tim Connor, Associate Creative Director
  • Doug Finke, Senior Copywriter
  • Alex Bado, VP Digital Strategy
  • Kendra Srebro, Digital Project Manager
  • Marianne Kulka, VP Digital Business Development

Radancy’s Unified Platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need. Want to see what we can achieve together? Connect with us today.

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