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Spencer ParraWritten by

In Pursuit of Perfection: Using Testing for Conversion Rate Optimization

Data-Driven Intelligence, Programmatic| Views: 1747

The ever-changing behaviors of job seekers, coupled with the evolving recruitment ecosystem, challenge recruiters to always be improving their hiring strategies. High competition...

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Spencer ParraWritten by

Job Content 101: How to Optimize Job Ads for Results

Data-Driven Intelligence, Programmatic| Views: 1880

Today’s job seekers are in high demand. As a result, their typical job search often involves wading through a sea of job postings – most of which don’t interest them or...

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Jesse HernandezWritten by

5 Data Protection Tips for Recruiters

Data-Driven Intelligence, Trends| Views: 1507

Lots of people enjoy a good scary movie or tv show, and I’m no exception. Sure, monsters, ghouls and goblins are frightening, but you know what really keeps me up at night? The...

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Spencer ParraWritten by

Recruitment Automation: How to Automate Applicant Sourcing

Data-Driven Intelligence, End-to-End Engagement, Programmatic| Views: 2046

Data-driven technologies have become the backbone of competitive recruitment strategies. Just as programmatic has changed the advertising industry, so too has it begun to...

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Michelle AbbeyWritten by

We’re Trending on Social: TMP Worldwide Acquires Social Media Innovator Carve

Data-Driven Intelligence, End-to-End Engagement| Views: 3563

We announced today that TMP Worldwide is amplifying its social media marketing capabilities through the acquisition of Carve, an international social media firm based in London....

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