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Digital Recruitment Marketing Predictions for 2016: Part 1

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This is part one in a three-part series in which we discuss what you can expect from digital recruitment marketing in the new year. Here, Nathan Perrott, Senior Digital Strategist in TMP’s London AIA office, makes a case for a strong mobile apply process and more.

1: A continued drive towards digital and social omnipresence

More often than not, we would advise a client against having a presence on every channel they can think of, especially if they can’t manage it and keep it up to date with relevant content. However, job seekers and candidates now expect organizations, especially big corporations, to have a presence on certain channels from a company culture, talent or careers perspective – with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Glassdoor being the core staples, of course. It is now a key part of the prospective employer research process.

But arguably more important is that organizations need to focus their presence on the niche channels where their core audiences hang out – be that Stack Overflow, GitHub, The Student Room, etc. Job seekers are expecting a presence, and organizations are going to find their hands forced to be there and engage in conversation.

2: Mobile Apply as a necessity, not a luxury

Many organizations still consider this a nice-to-have. Guess what? It’s not. It’s a must-have, just like a responsive website is. And by mobile apply, I’m not talking about “start and finish later on a desktop”; I mean real mobile apply – being able to complete and submit an application on a mobile device, as quickly and as easily as possible.

We’re now starting to see mobile traffic surpass the 50% mark on some clients’ websites, and with one client who has a mobile apply solution in place, they’re seeing a significant amount of applications come from mobile devices.

3: Programmatic advertising will become the biggest part of recruitment marketing ad spend

In the recruitment space, programmatic has really taken off in the last year or two. Real-time bidding, behavioral targeting, content distribution platforms, search & social retargeting – there is a multitude of methods out there for getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. There’s another media shift happening right now (like when print moved to digital), and organizations need to get on board. Not only does programmatic afford brands a more robust set of targeting options, but it can also deliver a much better ROI.

There’s also going to be a further rise in pay per performance media, meaning you only pay for conversions – and in the recruitment marketing context, that’s applications (at the moment anyway).


About Nathan Perrott

As VP, Strategy & Innovation at Radancy, Nathan is responsible for observing emerging trends in technology and the future of work to drive product and strategy innovation, bringing the value of Radancy Labs' work to our clients and colleagues, and also leads the European team of solutions engineers who drive value from the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud.

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