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Sleuthing Out Better Candidates Via CRM

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If you’re like me and you spend an inordinate amount of time watching and reading crime stories (yeah, I’m one of those types), you’ve seen experts scrutinize suspects based on their past behavior to try and predict where they will strike next.  If you lack my TV and movie proclivities, a useful definition of this activity is (loosely speaking) ‘recording and analyzing behavioral characteristics to assess or predict future behavior.’

In the context of recruiting, you can learn a lot about a prospect from the way they engage with your career site. What content do they view? How long do they stay? How often do they visit? 

Based on that information, you can begin to glean what types of messages will resonate with that candidate and nudge them in your direction when they are ready to make a career switch.  For example, if someone spends three minutes on your military page and then navigates to a college event page, it’s highly likely that they would be interested in a veteran-grads event you are planning nearby. Now imagine turning that insight into a campaign that can not only be sent automatically based on candidate behavior on your career site, but also completely personalized according to their physical location and area of interest – all with little to no effort on the part of your recruiters.  And just like the profilers on TV, it gets you ahead of your target before they even know where they’re going – and even better, before your competitors learn those candidates are on the hunt.

Many companies are investing considerable resources on promoting their brand to attract the right talent.  But once someone has engaged with the brand through a career site, what happens? Maybe they signed up for a job alert, but what else do you know about them: do they live in Milwaukee, are they interested in your community outreach programs, how long did they explore the site? 

You might be able to find all this out about a candidate if you analyze your metrics, but are you able to respond quickly enough to affect their behavior?  That’s something you might not be doing, and it has a huge untapped potential within your prospect pool. Consider the impact of automatically sending prospects personalized campaigns based on their site behavior, already knowing you’re speaking to their interests. You will be making it more likely to get a response, while keeping that prospect captivated and curious about your company. 

It’s hard enough to get someone to your site, let alone engage them with your hiring teams. What if your engagement practices were specifically addressing what that prospect values most: not just what type of job they want, but the kind of company they want to work for and what kind of career path they envision? Your current tools such as your CRM should be working hand in hand with your career site and your programmatic ad spend to help you pursue even the most elusive prospect.  This is an effective way to put your systems to work for you and you don’t even have to work for the FBI to do it.

Delivering that sort of information goes well beyond describing the job – it serves to identify and motivate precisely those candidates you want most, while simultaneously setting you apart from the competition.  Do it all, and you’re on your way to becoming a recruiting mastermind.

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