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Think Globally, Succeed Locally: What TMP Worldwide’s Acquisition of Netherlands-based Maximum Means for Clients

We announced today that TMP Worldwide is continuing to enhance its technology and global product marketing capabilities with the acquisition of Maximum, a Netherlands-based recruitment marketing company with a tech platform at the center of its offering. Maximum’s software suite greatly complements our TalentBrew career site and recruitment marketing platform, with their talent acquisition platform delivering fully branded and uniquely designed experiences geared to candidates. Additionally, complementing the TMP offering, Maximum builds strong employer brands, creative and media campaigns that distinctly position its clients as leaders in the marketplace. 

As we strengthen our commitment to serve multinational clients, we never lose sight of the fact that ‘personalization’ means more than providing an optimal candidate experience. There are nuances to local and regional markets, and this context needs to be reflected in the employer brands we support. It’s critical that we have area-specific expertise to do the best possible job to solve our clients’ recruitment challenges.

Maximum’s software suite aligns with TMP’s TalentBrew career site and recruitment marketing platform, which predicts, customizes and influences the candidate experience to help companies build and retain the right talent.

Maximum brings experienced technology and marketing teams to the table, with a track record of success in the Netherlands we plan to build upon. By increasing our strategic footprint in the European market, we are dedicating additional resources towards providing clients around the world with the most advanced technology and the best service in the industry.

In the past weeks we have added a programmatic recruitment platform via our acquisition of Perengo and have announced the release of TalentBrew CRM as important building blocks of our unified platform. Our acquisition of Maximum is the latest example that we are transforming TMP into a tech-centric player in the talent acquisition market.

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