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From AI to Generative AI: How Radancy Continues to Innovate with Tech-Enabled Services  

At Radancy, we’ve been using AI as the backbone of our Talent Acquisition solutions for years. AI’s focus within our software has been on classifying data, detecting patterns, making automated decisions, and distilling analytics – all of which have allowed Radancy to deliver strategic advantages to our customers, at scale, helping save them time and money while reaching their goals.  

Our AI-driven algorithms remove guesswork and manual intervention, allowing us to classify jobs into audience segments, power audience building, and deliver personalized experiences. Automated decisions are being made and personalized experiences delivered based on predictive models and benchmarks throughout our software platform. 

Simply put, AI drives our technology.  

Generative AI and Radancy’s Tech-Enabled Services Advantage 

As AI evolves, so does Radancy’s ability to leverage the latest iterations to accomplish our customers’ goals. One of the most exciting advancements is “Generative AI” – a subset of AI currently receiving a lot of buzz and entering the mainstream – and refers to AI that is capable of generating new outputs based on the data it has been trained on. You’ve probably heard of the more popular and mainstream Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing Chat. 

This technology represents great opportunities to aid Talent Acquisition in many ways. While not perfect, Generative AI can be a powerful initial source of information: a content editor, an ideation partner, and overall, a wildly efficient generator of variations of content to test, learn and deliver content strategies.

And it is already being leveraged in our platform via Radancy’s Tech-Enabled Services. 

The combination of our cloud-based platform, our subject matter expertise and Generative AI is proving to be powerful. Our services, focused on optimizing the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud and strategically creating and deploying website, blog, advertising, and social content for the world’s largest employers – has successfully utilized Generative AI to aid in efficiently deploying strategies at scale. This includes: 

  • Efficient content creation to support pre-defined strategies 
  • Performance-based A/B and multivariate testing at scale 
  • Predictive marketing and pre-launch optimizations 
  • Large form summarization and thematic analysis 
  • Data analysis, language processing and predictive modeling 

Most importantly, Radancy prioritizes responsible use of Generative AI by ensuring strategy and quality assurance by industry experts to deliver on-brand and bias-free output. 

That’s why we’re constantly modifying and adapting our approach to stay at the forefront of this ever-evolving technology. 

By harnessing AI, Radancy’s brand and content strategies are amplifying the power of our talent acquisition platform to create exceptional end-to-end candidate experiences and transformative customer impact. 

About Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a Senior Vice President at Radancy. He is an acknowledged expert on social media strategy and employer reputation, and he plays a hands-on role working with world-leading employers.

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