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Radancy: HOA’s Perfect Wingman

Staffing restaurants is no easy task.

Not when you’re local … not when you have multiple locations … and certainly not when you’re a national chain with 400 locations.

For HOA – Hooters of America, LLC – they were behind even most …

  • No Messaging
  • No Career Site
  • No Traffic Driving

Leveraging the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud served up the right dish for HOA by optimizing the entire candidate journey to maximize ROI and enable faster hiring of qualified talent.

As always, the first step is taking the first step … and that meant driving engagement and attracting attention to the HOA job openings by delivering dynamic experiences across every candidate touchpoint.

“Once our partnership was underway, we quickly launched Radancy’s Programmatic AdTech in order to fill the candidate pipeline and saw immediate success,” exclaims Radancy Customer Success Manager Abigail Jacoby.

“By the first year’s end, we nearly doubled HOA’s application volume!”

Radancy’s Programmatic AdTech utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower HOA to reach their next potential superstar, no matter where they are searching for a job – the global infrastructure of our content delivery network reaches candidates on job boards, search engines, or anywhere else on the web with personalized experiences based on intelligent audience metrics and engagement behavior.

While traffic-driving was pushed to the front of the line, the whole ecosystem certainly needed to be optimized over the long run. The user interface and user experience needed to be perfected.

“Despite HOA having renowned brand recognition, they did not have competitive Employer Brand reach or candidate consideration. Through collaboration between HOA and Radancy, we identified priority roles and locations, developed a go-to-market strategy, and made an expeditious site launch.”
– Cat Vines, Radancy Senior Customer Success Representative

Partnering with HOA, we landed on a hook … their ability to bring the heat … at the front of the house, back of the house … to everyone!

“Our creative strategy was fairly straightforward. HOA is comprised of remarkable people who all bring something new to the table – whether it’s in management, hospitality, the kitchen, behind the bar or on the floor,” details Radancy Creative Director Veronica Escobedo. “Each person has their own flavor. We want to shine a spotlight on the important qualities it takes to be in the HOA family, while showing candidates that they can also bring their own flavor to the team. No matter who they are or where they’re from, their uniqueness is welcomed with open arms.” 




That messaging would be front and center on the Career Site … and buoyed by a world-class Content Management System (CMS) back-end functionality that allowed HOA configurable and scalable control over future hiring initiatives.

“I’ve been with the brand for seven years and feel like this team really leveraged fully our brand assets with minimal direction or correction needed – something a lot of our vendors take longer to acclimate to and don’t always hit out of the park on the first swing,” said HOA’s VP of Digital Marketing & Technology Mike Beauchamp.

In 2022, these efforts resulted in a 91% increase in applications!

“It is clear, HOA has never had the type of applicant flow we are seeing today. This is all thanks to our partnership with Radancy!”
– Cory Conrad, Sr. Director HR Operations & Talent

With the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud, things are certainly heating up for HOA!

See why HOA makes job candidates want to bring their heat to their team: https://jobs.hooters.com/

Special thanks to the HOA Customer Success Team at Radancy:

  • Abigail Jacoby, Customer Success Manager
  • Catherine Vines, Sr. Customer Success Representative
  • Jen Ohs, Senior Vice President, Customer Success
  • Veronica Escobedo, Associate Creative Director
  • Jake Ruef, Interaction Designer
  • Marian Jorda, Designer
  • Peter Saunders, Digital Strategist
  • David Lopez, Digital Project Manager
  • Garnett Lobaman, Digital Project Manager
  • Dan Rouse, Performance Media Analyst
  • Robert Norris, VP, Enterprise Solutions

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