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Vancouver International Airport’s Career Website: Reaching for the Sky

The Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) is the trade association for commercial airports in the United States and Canada. Each year, they recognize the best websites in the industry.

This past year, the award actually went to a Career Website. Vancouver International Airport (YVR) was honored to receive the award for the site they partnered with Radancy to launch!


“Radancy has helped us deliver an important tool in articulating who YVR is as an organization, what we are looking for and what we offer in return. We are proud of this relationship and the meaningful connections this work allows us to make,” proclaims Richard Beed, Vice President People & Brand, Vancouver Airport Authority.

With all the major airports across the two countries, how did a Career Site win best of all the Consumer sites?

To tell that story, we have to back up a couple of years …

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) came to Radancy with a serious and growing problem.

They felt their Career Site could do more to attract and convert job candidates. The messaging and UX/UI were out of date. The content was not robust, nor did it include an employee value proposition. Most importantly, the postings weren’t data-driven or optimized for personalized candidate experiences. The site couldn’t be viewed and actioned easily on a mobile device, and with COVID-19 factored in, keeping the airport properly staffed became a critical issue.



“Vancouver Airport Authority realized they needed to make it easier for candidates to find and apply to their jobs. They focused on building their foundation – a Career Site that would not only educate and convert candidates, but also provide the crucial metrics and tracking for ongoing success,” explains Radancy Director of Enterprise Solutions Jen Adelman.

Lucky for them, the full suite of integrated solutions on the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud presented a secure, scalable platform that helped them increase ROI while hiring qualified talent faster.


We started by focusing on the brand positioning, emphasizing the unique nature of the jobs they offer with an aspirational bent: Careers Unlike Any Other.

The copy accentuates the beauty of the location, YVR’s commitment to their employees (including their Living Wage policy: https://www.yvr.ca/en/passengers/careers/living-wage-policy), and their commitment to their customers and the community at large.

Next, we facilitated a User Interface that enhances each candidate’s ability to self-identify the best job fit for them.


Clicking through provides each user with a concise overview of the hiring area before delivering the current job openings, along with further information about the company culture.


And then on the job level, they are no longer confined to simply job description copy. We highlight YVR’s valued team members, the culture content is found here as well, related jobs are listed in case there’s a better fit for the candidate, and they can capture interest and stay engaged with the candidate through job alerts.


“Because our creative and design teams have extensive knowledge of brand and candidate behavior, we were able to bring their ‘YVR-ness’ to the candidate experience while also meeting their timing goals,” says Lisa Schwenk, Radancy Regional Vice President in Canada.

Marrying that messaging with our Talent Acquisition Cloud allows us to deliver a personalized experience to each candidate, delivering the right content at the right time to help them quickly find their perfect role.”

With these innovations in place, everything is looking up!

  • Overall Traffic Increase: +66%
  • Organic Traffic Increase: +23%
  • Apply Click Rate: +11%

“YVR’s purpose is to serve the community and the economy that supports it. This new website helps us ensure we can bring onboard the right future talent who can help us deliver on our purpose and provide new and different perspectives to help us grow and learn,” continues Richard Beed, VP People & Brand at Vancouver Airport Authority.

“We look forward to expanding our relationship with Radancy to increase local market awareness of the various career paths and opportunities available at Vancouver International Airport.

Given that the increasingly competitive talent marketplace requires us to focus on our employer branding and messaging, partnering with Radancy allows us to leverage both their Talent Acquisition Platform and expertise.”

Check out all of Vancouver Airport’s career opportunities at: https://careers.yvr.ca/

Special thanks to the YVR Account Team at Radancy:

  • Lisa Schwenk, Regional Vice President, Canada
  • Jen Adelman, Director, Enterprise Solutions
  • Rene Vandal, Gordon Lindeman & Amanda Farris, Designers
  • Jamie Edgard, Digital Project Manager
  • Jake Ruef, UX/Interaction Designer
  • James Ciskanik, UI Front End Developer
  • Vijay Screenivasan, Lead, Technology & Product Development
  • Kathryn Moncur, Account Director

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