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Update: Google for Jobs Paid Ads Discontinued: What It Means for Your Pay-Per-Click Job Advertising 

As part of my role as Solutions Marketing Manager – Digital Optimization at Radancy, I am continually working with our career sites and Google for Jobs primarily from the organic search perspective. So, when I started reading rumors online about Google shutting down their paid job advertising program, my ears perked up.

As of this update, we have been able to confirm with Google that they are discontinuing the Jobs Paid Ads pilot program, so we are updating this post to reflect that news.

With this in mind, you may be wondering – what does this mean for my ability to advertise job listings via Google? Does this change my programmatic advertising campaigns? (The good news is, with Radancy, no!) Here’s an overview of what this change means within Google for Jobs as well as talent acquisition-related pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google moving forward. 

What Are (Were) Google for Jobs Ads? 

Radancy was aware of a limited testing group via Google around this time last year, and I personally saw the search results tested a handful of times throughout 2023. A few things jumped out to me at that time. Sponsored job openings appeared in a horizontal ‘card’ type of experience, quite similar to sponsored product listings. These appeared outside the Google for Jobs search results themselves vs. directly inside of them, which was surprising to me. From looking at the way they were laid out, I’m assuming they used the structured schema data to drive various aspects of these sponsored job listings, such as Job Title, Hiring Organization, Location and Employment Type, as these fields are displayed similarly to the organic listings themselves. 

As you can see, these job ad listings followed a similar, albeit simplified, version of their sponsored product listings. 

Programmatic Jobs On The Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud Can Still Manage Google PPC 

The great news is that the ending of this pilot does not impact Programmatic AdTech for jobs on the Radancy platform in any way. Our algorithms and media trading experts will continue to optimize your ability to appear within Google’s PPC results for candidates looking for jobs just as we have done for years. These results are the ones that drive the bulk of Google’s revenue and have turned them into the tech behemoth they are today. As always, we will stay on top of developments in this space and adjust our technology appropriately. We recommend driving candidates back into the career site ecosystem, where they can view and apply to beautifully branded jobs, read additional content about why they should work for an organization, or opt-in to receive job alerts to apply to at a later date. 

Google for Jobs Remains 100% Organic Today 

The other great piece of news is that Google for Jobs remains completely organic today, close to seven years after it went live. The value of the data generated here to assist their Machine Learning for their Cloud Talent Solution must be valuable enough to not require any monetization directly within the index of jobs.  

The value to companies remains greater organic visibility for their open jobs to a hyper-localized audience, and free traffic back to those jobs. It’s still important that your career site contains job schema, that you have individual job recs for open jobs, and that you’re ideally using Google’s Direct Indexing API when jobs open and close. Feel free to reach out to us if we can assist you in this area. 

The Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud helps you hire the right candidates and simplify talent acquisition with a single, Al-powered platform designed to maximize your ROl.

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