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Women Lead the Charge

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In honor of Women’s History Month this year, Radancy started a new global initiative to recognize and celebrate some of the remarkable women who work within our company. As a SaaS organization, our people are at the center of what we do and the key to our success. This initiative, titled Women Lead the Charge, encouraged employees to nominate peers or colleagues who have added value to their time at Radancy. We received many nominations and have shared some of those below:

“I am pleased to nominate Kari for consideration as a Woman in Charge. Kari demonstrates daily, an extraordinary commitment to ensuring Radancy Customer Success teams are continuously learning by providing exceptional support and education to new and seasoned employees around Radancy processes and protocols – from budgeting, sales approach, pro tips, and tactics – to ensure we communicate our solutions and software clearly and with confidence. She discerns individual needs carefully and moves swiftly to provide key information, recommendations and perspectives that are extremely helpful to the whole team.” — Anne Hillman

“Since I’ve been at Radancy, I’ve known Keturah to be a strong leader. Not only is she passionate about the work she does, but she also makes it happen. I admire her for all the hard work she does to help push the ERGs’ efforts forward. It has been a pleasure to work with her since we have been working on several shared projects. Thank you, Keturah, for all that you do!!” — Keisha Liburd

“While working directly with Amandeep on two of the biggest customers for Radancy in India, I can surely say that she is one of the most passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable leaders I know. She is always approachable by her colleagues whenever they need her.” — Himanshu Sharma

“Since my first day, about 3 years ago, Katarina has been mentoring and supporting me in every way possible. She is not only focused on her own career, but also doing her best in making me and others thrive. I highly value her attitude and creative yet solution-oriented thinking, how she contributes to making us a better organization and the way she tries to get the best out of everyone around her.” —Alina Hudelist

We love all the amazing things that our peers and colleagues shared about our nominees. Congratulations to all our nominees: Abigail DiFazio, Alexandra Guerra, Alina Hudelist, Alice Tang, Amandeep Kaur, Amber Bakeberg, Ann Marie Dellaccio, Awa Gueye, Bekki Chapman, Beth Levine, Casey Brusch, Christa Kassouny, Denise Lavollay, Dorota Rautiainen, Erica Oliveira, Gabrielle Montgomery, Géraldine Dubus, Jennifer Smith, Jessica Carman, Jessica Young, Kari Bauer, Kasey Sixt, Katarina Cosic, Keturah McCottry, Laura Cafasso, Lisa Ang, Lori Charest, Lynda Harden, Madison Hartman, Majella Grawatsch, Mallory Hartigan, Michelle Ferreira, Sarah Paukens, Shelia Campbell, Shweta Goud, Stacey Lagala, Tammy Garmey, Tracy Lee, and Zumaly Sandoval (who are all featured in the header above). Thank you for all the contributions you make to Radancy teams every day!

About Keisha Liburd

Keisha Liburd is the Content Marketing Manager on the Radancy Brand Marketing Team. She joined the Radancy family in September 2021. As someone with a passion for all things content and strategy, she loves to help elevate the brand narrative in any way she can. She is a proud HBCU (Aggie Pride!) and SCAD graduate, and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Outside of work and all things content she enjoys traveling and experiencing different art and musical events.

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