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The Anatomy of a Hiring Event Strategy

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A comprehensive hiring event strategy is essential for HR executives to efficiently attract, engage and hire top talent. Having a well planned and executed hiring event strategy ensures that your recruiting practices are in alignment with organizational goals and streamlines the recruitment process, while making the most of your resources. By combining diverse channels, technology and innovative approaches, a hiring event strategy can also enhance the candidate experience and foster long-term talent acquisition success.

Definition of Hiring Event Strategy

A comprehensive hiring event strategy is a plan that includes strategies for hiring events and how events strategically fit within the context of a broader TA playbook.

A hiring event strategy is not just “how to host successful hiring events” or “how to plan a recruiting event.” Creating a bigger picture hiring strategy requires TA leaders to consider:

  • What are the organization’s most important recruiting goals?
  • Which HR initiatives can hiring events support?
  • What’s the best balance of virtual and in-person hiring events?
  • What metrics should we track to measure success?

Here’s a deeper look into each component of a hiring event strategy and how planning for each consideration benefits your overall TA plan.

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