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Beyond Career Fairs: 5 More Ways to Use Your Hiring Event Technology

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As you’re starting to implement your 2024 talent acquisition strategy, you may be looking for new ideas to drive results or new ways to use the technology and tools at hand. Finding multiple ways to use a talent acquisition platform is the best way to ensure maximum efficiency and ROI. Fortunately, you’re limited only by your imagination and the capabilities of your platform.

In this article, we’ll explore a feature-by-feature map of ways you can use the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud—outside of virtual career fairs—in your hiring event strategy.

  • Broadcast for webinar-style events
  • Networking chats for community building
  • Virtual interviews for talent screening
  • Rep hand-off for one-and-done hiring events
  • Expanded capacity for group video

Host Webinar-Style Events with Broadcast Feature

Within the Radancy platform, using the broadcast feature allows you to support the hiring process with informational and educational events that feature your organization’s mission, values and culture—which today’s candidates desperately want to hear about early on.

We’re also hearing about other creative ways to put webinar-style events to work for your organization. One of our customers recently shared this effective strategy: attend industry events and hand-pick attendees you meet for invite-only virtual meet-and-greet events with key executives from your organization. You can use the broadcast feature to share a live or pre-recorded message, and then open up the (virtual) floor for a Q&A session. Because this all happens within your TA platform, you can capture valuable data from your participants through custom registration questions—contact details, job search goals, professional experience and whatever else you deem appropriate.

Offer Networking Chats for Community Building

Virtual events that allow people to connect with one another are increasingly valuable and powerful these days. Networking chats are a great way to provide that. Within a virtual event, offering booths for networking that are specific to a type of role, topical theme or candidate persona feature can help boost engagement and enhance the candidate experience. Again, doing this on your TA platform enables you to collect candidate data to build your talent community, continue communications and create invitation lists for future hiring events.

Use Virtual Interviews for Talent Screening

Virtual interviews may seem like a given, but many of the TA platforms on the market today are still not providing this feature effectively. The best solutions offer many options for engaging in video interviews, ranging from scheduled time slots to instant interviews, providing a flexible tool for facilitating conversations when you want to have them. Many of our customers are using Hiring Events to host ongoing recruiter office hours, candidate chats and talent screening events to make managing this process easier for recruiters and candidates and to help speed up this aspect of the hiring process. In addition, many teams are creating interview screening booths at their broader hiring events as well, thanks to an innovative feature that equips them to immediately transfer candidates to a hiring manager, which brings us to our next point.

Leverage Rep Hand-Off to Accelerate the Hiring Process

We’ve talked about one-and-done hiring events many times in past articles, and we keep bringing it up because it’s one of the most effective and efficient ways our customers are speeding up the hiring process. This also results in a better candidate experience, better competition for top talent and better TA metrics. The rep hand-off feature makes it possible for a candidate to meet with a recruiter or other screener for an initial conversation and then be “transferred” to a hiring manager for a more in-depth conversation, all within the same virtual experience. This eliminates gaps and wait times that put you at risk of losing a candidate’s attention and allows you to efficiently evaluate the candidate quickly so you can make a determination on the spot or soon after.

Invite Larger Groups to Video Meetings

Many organizations are still turning to video conferencing solutions to satisfy the need for larger groups to meet and interact virtually. That won’t be the case for long. One of the next innovations in talent acquisition platforms is the ability to host up to 50 participants in a group video meeting—where they can all see and hear one another. The key advantage to doing this on your TA platform is the ability to collect data from participants—something Zoom and other conference platforms just don’t offer.

Building a Future-Proof HR Tech Stack

In addition to being a key strategy for building a future-ready HR tech stack, leveraging your TA platform for more than just career fairs offers a lot of benefits. Your team can cut back on logins to remember and different user interfaces to master, saving time and headaches. You can collect data from a wide variety of candidates in a single system, which can then integrate with your ATS for complete data visibility and better analytics. And, by getting rid of secondary solutions, you can ultimately control costs better—a major boon in today’s economy.

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