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How to Manage Your Employer Brand Through a Corporate Transition – Download Your Free eBook

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Corporate transitions can be incredibly stressful on employees. Uncertainty and confusion can lead to frustration and a general negative experience for both employees and candidates. Creating an employer brand transition plan is one powerful way you can combat employee dissatisfaction and recruit in the months and years after the transition.

In “How to Manage Your Employer Brand Through A Corporate Transition,” a joint effort from industry experts at TMP Worldwide, our client VMware, and Glassdoor, you’ll learn:

The value of an employer brand

Learn what elements make up a strong employer brand, told through powerful statistics you can use to build your strategy.

How to navigate your employer brand in times of transition

Find out the impact a transition can have not only on employees, but also potential candidates.

The current state of employer branding

Get a list of actionable guidelines to make the most out of a major company transition.

In addition, you will learn how VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, confronted this challenge head on when their parent company, EMC, was acquired by Dell Technologies, Inc.

We’ve packed this eBook with key insights and best practices to guide you through a current or future corporate transition. Download a copy of our free eBook today!

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