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Three Ways to Motivate Your Recruiting Efforts (and Your Recruiters)

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Have you ever added “self-starter” to a job description to attract skilled candidates? While everyone wants that, it’s understandable that a company would want people who are hard workers for the sake of … working.

But in today’s world of immediate gratification and yelling at the microwave for taking too long, sometimes we need an extra push to do a great job and achieve the results we work so hard to accomplish.

In the world of recruitment and talent acquisition, that is something that everyone has struggled with at least once.

TMP understands that better than most, which is why our strategists and account teams try to encourage motivating factors, tools and even ideas for clients, because even self-starters start for a reason. Here are three ideas in the HR space you can use:

Marketing Much?

Everyone fancies themselves as a marketer of sorts. Whether it’s, “Hey, I know how to tweet and grab someone’s attention” or “Focus groups? I can get people to talk,” we all believe we have the chops if we believe in something. Recruiters are no exception. A recruiter’s job is to promote working somewhere, so naturally they think they can market. Why not allow them to do it personally? Not to go rogue but to have a voice in the marketing. A recruiter’s understanding to the hiring process could be priceless when they’re creating an eye-catching creative campaign, strong enough to stop a candidate in their tracks and to click on an ad. If the recruiter felt like he or she had a voice – one that is heard among everything going on – it could motivate them to reach those goals sooner and reach the new candidates faster.

Group Play

When you think about filling the pipeline, there are essentially three silos: easy-, intermediate-and the ubiquitous hard-to-fill. Some recruiters only have to find hourly hires at a local amusement park, while others are stuck in the purgatory of finding someone with 18 years of experience in nuclear physics. Good luck with that. Tackle these requisitions as a team. It helps everyone learn about every level of job and makes them more complete recruiters. You know the cheesy saying “Teamwork makes the dream work.” It sticks around (mainly in HR offices) because it’s true. When you accomplish a task or reach that hiring goal together, it feels a little better and high-fives go around (or fist bumps, or something like that).

Collect the Wins

Much like a journalist with those stories, a coach with his or her athletes, or a teacher with all those handwritten notes, a recruiter has ample reasons to stay motivated with the success stories they are told on a monthly basis. If it weren’t for those people, those hiring goals seem a little flat. Consider creating a personal portfolio of your success – those emails, letters or even voicemails of the people thanking you for finding and recruiting them. They love their new job, so why wouldn’t they thank you for that. Isn’t that why you started to recruit in the first place? To make a difference in the lives of others. Now that you are, in the words of an ancient (and feline) philosopher, “Remember who you are.”

As with other initiatives, you get what you reward, so think holistically about how recruiting can involve – and remain front-of-mind for – all your employees.

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Shawn Paul Wood is a director of client strategy based out of Radancy’s Dallas/Fort Worth office. By ensuring each client is progressive and proactive with digital reach, optimized content, and strategic execution, he continues to help the DFW team provide stellar client experiences (and all-around positive mojo). Prior to landing at Radancy, Shawn Paul was a global digital strategist, national voice-over artist, regional radio personality and news director, and a local copywriting director. Aside from that eclectic mix, he’s a homebody who has a penchant for Twitter.

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