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Seven Benefits of Virtual Career Fairs

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Virtual recruiting is the most effective way to reach a wide audience of candidates while controlling costs. A single AI-powered solution like the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud can help you maximize ROI and hire talent faster. Many top talent acquisition professionals have been taking advantage of virtual career fairs and virtual hiring event solutions for years, before the approach became the gold standard.

Here are seven benefits to virtual career fairs. These are among the many reasons virtual hiring has become a permanent part of talent acquisition strategies at major organizations in nearly every industry. 

Easy Access

Perhaps the biggest benefit of virtual career fairs (especially when compared to in-person career fairs) is that virtual events eliminate the obstacle of geography. Candidates can join your virtual career fair from anywhere with the click of a button, making it easier to connect with ideal talent outside your immediate region. The convenience of a virtual career fair – especially when held over the course of a few hours – makes it easy for busy job seekers to participate. Anything you can do to make the hiring process easier for your candidates will improve your results.

Cost Savings

Compared to in-person events, the cost of virtual career fairs is dramatically lower. Virtual events have no venue fees, there is no travel involved, and they require much less staff to execute. You can host a virtual career fair with just one or two recruiters (depending on the number of candidates you expect). On top of that, there are no extra expenses for swag or refreshments (unless you want to digitally buy your candidates a cup of coffee, which we always encourage).

Time Savings

Hosting large-scale in-person career fairs can take weeks or even months of planning and preparation before the event. From securing a venue to planning schedules to marketing the event, in-person events can be overwhelming. Virtual career fairs, on the other hand, can be set up at lightning speeds in comparison, taking less than an hour to set up a virtual event for your hiring team. Decide on the theme of your event (hiring for a specific job, diversity hiring, military hiring, etc.), add your favorite culture video, decide which information you want to collect from candidates (resumes, experience, etc.) and you’re ready to go.

More Connections

Virtual career fairs allow you to have multiple, private conversations at once. Since everything takes place online, you can chat with multiple candidates at once. This makes it easy to make more connections with viable candidates during a virtual career fair than you could ever dream of making at an in-person event where you can only talk to one person at a time. Plus, with a virtual hiring events solution like Radancy’s, you can limit the amount of time you have to chat with a candidate so that you make the best use of your time (and the candidate’s time).

Easily Track ROI

Another perk of a virtual career fair is that you can rate the quality of candidates right from the virtual career fair platform. This makes it easy to track the ROI of your event and collect valuable information to inform your conversational talent acquisition strategy. Within the virtual career fair solution, you can manage candidates as well by easily moving them to the next stage, such as a phone screen, interview or pipeline for later follow-up.

Improved Recruitment Marketing

Virtual career fairs improve the efficiency of your recruitment marketing efforts. You can send invitations to a targeted list of candidates in your talent database or ATS, and your results will be better than in-person events because candidates know how convenient an online event can be. On average, virtual career fairs have an attendance rate of 50%, which is quite high compared to other in-person career events.

Configured for Your Requisition

Last but not least, virtual career fairs allow you to create a personalized candidate experience for the job seekers you wish to target. You can create and share content that speaks directly to the job seekers you have in mind, through hiring manager videos, job shadow videos and tailored FAQs based on your candidate personas. Every aspect of your virtual career fair can be optimized to give candidates what they want, including a healthy dose of authenticity.  

Meet Your Next Hires Virtually

With benefits like these, virtual career fairs should be a central part of your conversational talent acquisition strategy now and well into the future. Candidates will continue to favor organizations that work hard to improve the recruiting process and deliver the type of candidate experience they expect. Virtual career fairs are an easy way to reach that goal, especially considering how quickly they can be rolled out compared to a strategy that only includes in-person events.

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