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From Hi to Apply: Creating Meaningful Connections in Today’s Job Market

In today’s competitive job market, hiring quality talent isn’t easy. At Radancy, we understand the nature of today’s market and the trending topics that impact it. Before candidates even get to “apply,” it starts with “hi.” The first interaction a candidate has with your brand is crucial, and we can help you make a great first impression. You may have heard about Radancy’s Unified Platform, but today, we are going to dive further into two of Radancy’s integral technologies that are key to success from the first interaction. To do this, we have identified some challenges you might face in the talent attraction process and how our solutions can help you solve them.

Challenge 1: How do you get the right jobs in front of the right audience?

We know that attracting top talent is a high priority. The days of manually placing job ads are over. We know that in a vast sea of job boards, sites, and platforms, getting your jobs in front of the right candidates can be like going fishing in the middle of the ocean. Radancy’s Programmatic Jobs automates the process for you by identifying and placing your job ads directly in front of the most ideal audience.

How is this accomplished? Programmatic Jobs is powered by machine learning algorithms built off our network data. In short, as our data grows, the job placements get smarter. With our expansive media-agnostic distribution, we consider the goals and performance and place ads where they will have the most success for our clients. Take out the guess work: Let our industry-leading technology decide how to allocate your media budget based on marketplace and campaign performance.

Challenge 2:  Job seekers want more than just the job description. They want to know more about the potential employer and easily locate that information.

The career site is often one of the first points of reference in a candidate’s journey. It houses the important information that can influence someone to apply. It is vital to create an online experience that centers around displaying the best of what your company has to offer. Radancy’s Career Sites provide a best-in-class, personalized experience for your candidates. We help you shape content that highlights your company’s culture, and we optimize the site to help improve your SEO. We have in-depth search capabilities worked into your site that make it easier to locate the information and jobs candidates are looking for.

In addition, our Content Management System will give you the power to modify your career site as needed, giving you the ability to add pages for events, recruiter profiles and more. As your hiring needs change, you’ll be able to make the adjustments you need.

Radancy’s Unified Platform and How It All Works Together

(See how our Unified Platform performed overall in the last year)

While our products work independently, they are truly better together. You can get the most out of your career site when it is integrated with Programmatic Jobs. You can see increased reach to qualified candidates and better campaign efficiency. With our unified platform, you will see that through leveraging AI and machine learning to personalize content and automate marketing strategies, a branded career site gets smarter with each candidate interaction. This leads to greater personalized experiences and easy navigation for candidates to locate the information they desire. In fact, clients on Radancy’s Career Sites integrated with Programmatic Jobs have seen an average of 16% lower CPA (Cost Per Application) compared to clients not using programmatic and career site together.

Our unified platform is more than just those two offerings. We also have employee referrals and CRM functionality. We will always be working to optimize and prioritize your candidate experience. Radancy’s products provide the solutions you need to overcome the hiring challenges companies are facing in this everchanging hiring landscape. To find out more about Radancy’s Unified Platform and what it can do for you, connect with us today!

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Keisha Liburd is the Content Marketing Manager on the Radancy Brand Marketing Team. She joined the Radancy family in September 2021. As someone with a passion for all things content and strategy, she loves to help elevate the brand narrative in any way she can. She is a proud HBCU (Aggie Pride!) and SCAD graduate, and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Outside of work and all things content she enjoys traveling and experiencing different art and musical events.

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