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How to Host a Virtual Career Fair

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When you hear the term “career fair,” the image that comes to mind is probably a tightly packed event space with rows of tables, long lines of candidates waiting to talk to recruiters, and ever-growing piles of employer brochures and candidate resumes. Career fairs are traditionally held by universities, government organizations, or even individual companies in order to recruit new talent. But the expensive, chaotic in-person job fairs are not the only—or the most effective—way to attract and engage with candidates. Many organizations turned to virtual events and virtual career fair platforms to meet their recruitment needs over the past few years. Virtual career fairs had already been gaining in popularity prior to the pandemic, and they are poised for continued growth. Virtual career fair platforms have evolved to meet the pressing needs of today’s recruiters and should be a component of a company’s overall recruitment strategy. This step-by-step guide will share best practices for companies, universities and organizations planning to host a virtual career fair.

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