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The Definitive Virtual Career Fair Guide

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Virtual career fairs (also known as virtual hiring events, virtual job fairs or online career fairs) are the next step in the evolution of hiring. Virtual career fairs are also what job seekers want. Radancy data shows a vast majority (83%) of candidates who participated in an event hosted on our platform said they prefer virtual recruiting events to in-person career fairs. In our virtual career fair guide, we will address everything there is to know about virtual career fairs—including why they are a crucial part of your recruiting strategy, how to market your events, how to plan for your events, and why video and other virtual career fair features can take your events to the next level. For employers in every industry, virtual career fairs are a logical, easy and effective way to bring amazing people into your organization, so let’s take a look at planning, promoting and other pieces of the puzzle for a successful online career fair.

  • Create a hiring event strategy to support all of your recruiting goals across experienced hires, campus recruiting, veteran and military hiring, internal mobility, diversity and inclusion, hard-to-fill roles, and more
  • Choose a virtual career fair offering that supports the needs of enterprise talent acquisition teams by understanding the types of features to look for
  • Plan a successful virtual career fair by considering your audience, timeline, frequency, messaging, marketing and follow-up
  • Attract candidates to your hiring event with a strategic marketing and communications plan
  • Prepare your talent acquisition team and candidates for what to expect ahead of the event

Humanize the experience by leveraging text, audio and video chats; group videos; and follow-up features that keep candidates in the loop after the event

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