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Programmatic Jobs as the New Norm

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Your consumer marketing team leverages programmatic ad buying.

You have a pretty good understanding of programmatic ad buying.

So, where do you start?

If you would like a quick refresher on programmatic media buying as a whole, please read Elan Masliyah’s blog about the need for recruitment advertising to mimic consumer marketing. In the post, Elan discussed:

  • Treating job ad budgets like mutual funds and allowing rules to distribute relevant jobs to a wide range of job sites. 
  • How programmatic jobs advertising is built on the practice of conducting rule-based, automated, direct and indirect buys with publishers at the most efficient bid possible while garnering attention from the right active candidates.

In today’s follow-up post, I will elaborate on the importance of programmatic jobs as part of the norm and what makes TMP different in our approach to programmatic job advertising.

Operating in a Candidate-Driven Job Market

As the labor market grows increasingly competitive and candidates become more selective, gone are the days where job ads are managed on a standard pay-per-click, publisher-by-publisher basis. 

Programmatic jobs advertising has evolved to be the new norm because it allows us to adjust to market conditions and optimize spend based on completed applications in the ATS – maximizing budget flexibility and return on investment. Not to mention, as the talent industry continues to transform – for example, a tech company in need of engineering talent is not only competing against similar tech firms, but also against different sectors such as healthcare and the ever-growing gig economy – clients need strategies that are more scalable and create efficiency in time and budget.

TMP’s performance-based Programmatic Jobs does exactly that, offering a holistic view by combining industry-leading technology with proprietary data and empowering our Media Analysts to collaborate most effectively with our clients to meet their needs.

Data, Data, Data

Equally important is the volume and quality of data. 

Without a significant data set, the machine learning part of the programmatic buy – smarter bidding, better forecasting, etc. – will suffer, as there will not be enough aggregated data for the technology to learn from it. Because TMP has a vast network of TalentBrew career site clients and is the largest purchaser of recruitment media, we’re able to aggregate learnings well beyond job-level performance. With predictive analytics, we can anticipate which jobs need paid support after they’ve been open on the ATS, when those jobs should have paid support, how much spend should be invested, and how long paid support should last.

For each Programmatic Jobs campaign, TMP leverages the client’s own data along with the wealth of TMP’s benchmark data to create a programmatic ad strategy that is both personal and scalable. By combining that practice with our proprietary machine learning method known as TalentBrew’s Job Classification Engine, which transforms millions of jobs and hundreds of millions of candidates into anonymized data sets to power market insights and benchmarks, TMP ensures decisions are not made in silos. The outcome is the ability to unearth commonalities from vast amounts of data to generate insightful, powerful, proactive bidding strategies via Machine Learning. 

What’s Next?

This is just the beginning. 

By combining our comprehensive data set with our Programmatic Jobs offering, we are creating budget efficiency, reducing time-to-fill, and transforming the way recruitment technologies cohesively work together to enhance the candidate experience across multiple channels – from career site to talent community emails to job postings, as well as search, social, display banners and videos. The ultimate goal is to reduce the friction between candidates and jobs and eliminate any unnecessary or redundant steps. TMP Programmatic Jobs serves as the foundation for a consolidated candidate engagement strategy by leveraging data connectivity, helping to transform the recruitment industry.

As programmatic advertising becomes foundational in both consumer- and recruitment-focused advertising, size matters. Specifically, the size of the data set – coupled with the most knowledgeable insights on the recruitment landscape – enables an evolving, AI-driven platform. 

If you are curious and would like to learn more about how TMP is trailblazing programmatic jobs advertising, please connect with us today.

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