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The Future of Talent Acquisition: A Unified Platform for Recruiters

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Today, TMP Worldwide announced it has acquired Perengo.

Perengo is a leader in programmatic recruitment who introduced scalable, state-of-the-art ad tech to the recruitment world to efficiently solve a candidate sourcing problem. Since our first meeting, it was clear that both companies shared the same vision and goals and joining forces would be a natural fit.

TMP will integrate Perengo’s programmatic platform into our core offering and the team will continue to innovate as part of TMP. Perengo founder Mike Kofi Okyere will join our executive team and bring his vast ad tech and data expertise to the organization.

TMP Worldwide has always been committed to providing the best talent acquisition solutions to employers while enhancing the candidate experience at multiple touchpoints with personalized, relevant content and extending our clients’ brands. With our long-standing customer relationships, we have developed a comprehensive product outlook for the future that is driven by three key trends – and Perengo aligns seamlessly with this effort.

Trend #1: Engagement Across the Entire Candidate Journey

TMP’s evolution and the development of our TalentBrew platform have been driven by candidate behavior to address a simple client need; not only to create the right strategy to help our clients solve their hiring challenges but also to curate a personalized experience throughout the entire candidate journey.

Our technology has always enabled our clients to drive targeted and customized opportunities down to the individual job level. Integrating Perengo’s programmatic platform into our core offering will heighten our clients’ ability to take advantage of the transformational shift in the media landscape at every candidate touchpoint.

Staying true to our initial expertise, we have opted to have in-house technology to further personalize candidate messages at a much larger scale.

Trend #2: All Solutions Under One Roof

Many of our clients around the world have expressed a need for a more unified recruitment tech platform where they may ensure consistency in brand messaging, heighten the candidate experience, and establish a constant exchange of learnings. This deeper partnership will secure a compelling solution to solve their recruitment challenges.

By incorporating Perengo into our platform, our clients will experience the full benefit of a preeminent recruitment marketing software solution. Whether our clients are deeply integrated partners leveraging our full TalentBrew suite or relying on us for their hard-to-fill roles, the aggregated data of our personalized career sites, combined with a best-in-class programmatic solution, will provide efficiency while amplifying their message.

Trend #3: Data as a Competitive Advantage

Like many other disciplines, talent acquisition has become measurable through the availability of data collection and analysis. Companies want to generate insights from their talent acquisition data and learn not only from their own benchmarks, but also from best practices across the industry.

Having the data of the entire candidate journey, collected via a unified solution, allows end-to-end data collection and analysis. With the breadth of clients that TMP has, our ability to pull from a comprehensive data set to generate business insights and strategically market to candidates is second-to-none. Programmatic will now play a more prominent role in helping to push our clients’ recruitment marketing efforts forward.

Programmatic Recruitment: The Next Piece in TMP’s Platform Vision

While TMP Worldwide has offered Programmatic Jobs for many years, we are now combining a leading solution to further strengthen our in-house proficiency in this crucial area. This allows for a quicker response to the needs of the market.

Perengo’s programmatic recruitment platform is a powerful addition to the vision of our TalentBrew ecosystem. TMP’s commitment is to be the best talent acquisition solution for the world’s largest employers, while providing a unified platform for recruiters and promoting a personalized candidate experience.

We are building this vision one step at a time.

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