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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month at Radancy

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration to honor the history, culture and influence of past generations who came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. At Radancy, we stand in solidarity with our colleagues who are members of the Hispanic community, and we are dedicated to amplifying their voices and being the best allies we can be for them.

We began our observance a few weeks ago by streaming Lorena, Light-Footed Woman, the 2019 documentary film directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo and starring Lorena Ramírez, Mario Ramírez and Santiago Ramírez. The story revolves around Lorena, an indigenous long-distance runner from rural Mexico who wins ultramarathons despite running in sandals. The movie served as the latest installment of our internal Movie Plug program, which was developed by our Equity & Openness Affinity Group. The program gives the entire Radancy organization the opportunity to stream video content together to inspire conversations and increase our collective understanding of a broad range of themes.

In addition, employees Bernie Valdez, Veronica Escobedo and David Lopez all took to their cameras to describe what it means to be Hispanic and what it was like growing up as part of the Hispanic community. Hear their unique perspectives and see what makes them great members of the Radancy family!

Bernie Valdez, Senior Art Director

Bernie Valdez grew up in a small town where everyone knew one another. He appreciates that Radancy has the same feel in its workplace culture!

Veronica Escobedo, Creative Director

Growing up, Veronica’s culture was always front and center. At Radancy, she has the freedom to be her true, authentic self at work!

David Lopez, Digital Project Manager

As a Latino Hispanic American, David enjoys being part of a diverse community that has accomplished many great things. He is grateful to be a part of #TeamRadancy and looks forward to continuing to produce industry-leading work!

National Hispanic Heritage Month is all about honoring and celebrating a community that has contributed so much throughout history. At Radancy, we take great pride in supporting our employees, sharing their stories and learning more about their cultures. We hope that our efforts educate, spark new conversations and inspire every company to do the same.

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!

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