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Carnival: Shoring Up Recruitment for the Next Voyage

Radancy has partnered with Carnival on the Corporate side for a few years now.


In 2019, our relationship expanded even further to include the Shipboard side of the business … which means their positions that are out at sea – Bartenders, Deck Officers, Housekeeping, Hotel Managers, Engine Officers, etc.

It was at that time we all agreed that Radancy’s Unified Platform, inclusive of a unique Shipboard Career Site, was what Carnival needed to sail over the horizon.

But what confronted us on that horizon was a global pandemic. Of course, cruise lines were some of the very worst hit, with ships being grounded indefinitely.

But that didn’t mean the work stopped. In fact, that’s when the Carnival and Radancy partnership became stronger and more strategic than ever.

As an interim solution, we launched a simple one-page landing spot on our unified platform for Carnival’s Shipboard jobs in February 2020 … it was simple, but effective:


But that was certainly not our ‘north star’ for driving talent to Carnival over the long-term. So, with the pandemic at its peak, the work of getting the Career Site right began in earnest.

“The pandemic gave us an opportunity to really focus on the building of the site and take our time to create a meaningful experience for the candidates looking for opportunities at sea,” says Radancy Director of Client Strategy, Michael Decker.

The end-result is an experience that markets Carnival’s Shipboard jobs authentically and efficiently – on both the Career Site overall and on each and every job with Radancy’s Advanced Job Descriptions. We facilitated easy job search and Talent Community opt-ins. We incorporated a vivid picture of the culture, as well as Carnival’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, safety and sustainability. And we gave candidates clarity on the hiring process.

“While it’s always exciting to work on such an iconic brand, what truly set this project apart was the partnership we had with the Carnival team – even during such challenging times,” recalls Radancy VP, Regional Creative Director, Ted Kirschner.

“From content creation to asset acquisition, from development to launch, Carnival was with us every step of the way and never failed to provide the pieces we needed to keep the project moving forward. Along with the final product, I think that’s also something we can all be really proud of.”


While traffic was understandably limited during the pandemic, 15,083 potential candidates signed up for their Talent Community from February 2020 (launch of interim page) until May 2021. When it was announced in May that cruises would resume in July, traffic spiked 96%.

“Carnival has been thrilled with the partnership with Radancy. As we have returned to service, the team at Radancy has helped us completely reshape our marketing approach to finding qualified talent for our fleet of ships,” explains Carnival’s Director of Global Talent Attraction, Ash Spencer.

“We have seen a boost in visibility of our roles, allowing us to attract talent directly, on a global scale. And that’s not all; within a couple months, we will be launching pages for Lifework, Culture, People, Working Onboard, Life Onboard, and a ‘finding your fit’ page called, Are You Carnival?”

Here’s an early taste:



With that foundation laid, Carnival is sailing again and offering amazing opportunities onboard their ships.

“There is so much excitement around getting employees back to work and back onboard … and the team provided such authentic insights into what candidates can expect from a job on a Carnival ship,” proclaims Marisa Spiro, Radancy Director of Strategic Software Accounts.

“I love that everything we are showing is real – employees, pictures, tours … the genuine fun these employees have is shining through on the site that keeps building upon itself.”

Due to the efforts put in over the last 15 months, all hands are on deck and hiring is in full swing!

You can learn more about Carnival’s Shipboard jobs at: https://shipjobs.carnival.com/

And check out their Corporate jobs at: https://jobs.carnivalcorp.com/

Special thanks to the Carnival Account Team at Radancy:

  • Ted Kirschner, VP, Regional Creative Director
  • Michael Decker, Director, Client Strategy
  • Marisa Spiro, Director of Strategic Software Accounts
  • David Lopez, Digital Project Manager
  • Kelly Clark, Copywriter
  • Andrea Espinosa, Art Director
  • James Humphrey, Graphic Designer
  • Karen Moseley, Graphic Designer
  • Dustin Naughton, Senior Vice President
  • Victoria Bianchi, Account Executive
  • Brooke Maxel, Account Executive
  • Andrew Anderson, Customer Support Specialist

Radancy’s Unified Platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need. Want to see what we can achieve together? Connect with us today.

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