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Benefits of Virtual Recruiting for High-Volume Hiring

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Successfully hiring high volumes of new employees – on time and on budget – requires careful planning, the right tools and efficient processes. A great high-volume recruiting strategy will help you reduce the overall time to hire and help you find the right candidates – fast. 

Many employers tackle the challenges of high-volume hiring on a seasonal basis, but if your organization needs to hire hundreds or even thousands of new employees throughout the year, you need a consistent, reliable strategy to accomplish your goals. 

The Benefits of Virtual Recruiting for High-Volume Hiring 

If you’re curious – or even skeptical – about how virtual recruiting events can help you meet your high-volume hiring goals, understanding the benefits can help. Let’s take a look at the wide variety of ways virtual hiring events can help with high-volume hiring. 

Virtual Recruiting Increases Speed 

Virtual recruiting events make it possible (and easy) to speed up the high-volume hiring process by moving candidates more quickly through the recruiting funnel. Including knock-out questions in the event registration process can help you sort and pre-screen candidates faster and recruiters can engage with more candidates during virtual hiring events than they ever could at an in-person job fair or with individual phone interviews. 

When it comes to high-volume hiring, speed and volume go hand in hand. Being able to find and hire the right people faster gets you closer to your hiring goals – and reduces the chances of losing your best candidates to competing employers. 

Many employers with high-volume hiring needs are seeing success with a one-and-done hiring event strategy, which is designed to deliver the speed candidates want from the recruiting process. These types of events work especially well when filling high numbers of the same type of role (i.e., retail, warehouse workers, healthcare facilities, etc.).

A huge bonus of the increased speed is that this also improves the candidate experience and can help reduce the cost of candidate ghosting and keep more qualified candidates moving forward in your process. 

Improved Efficiency in Your High-Volume Hiring Process 

Virtual recruiting events help talent acquisition teams do more with less, which means you can screen and interview more candidates in less time, with less staff. Video interviewing during virtual hiring events is particularly helpful because you can quickly video interview many candidates within one event without having to set up lots of individual interview calls and manage all those logistics. Not all virtual recruiting event solutions offer integrated video interviewing, but the best solutions on the market prioritize this valuable feature. 

“The biggest pain point that [Radancy’s Hiring Events] solves for Neiman Marcus is high-volume hiring and getting through a large number of candidates quickly,” said Carolyn Attar, Director of Talent Acquisition at Neiman Marcus. “We don’t have any other technology that can get us through screening hundreds of candidates in just a couple hours like we do with [Radancy]. That’s where it has the greatest impact for me is that in a two- to three-hour period, we can interview hundreds of people and quickly move forward with the top candidates.” 

Using the pre-screening/knock-out questions we mentioned earlier also improves efficiency and streamlines the candidate evaluation process from the very start. With Radancy’s Hiring Events, you can also create event templates that make it easy to stand up similar events quickly and repeat them in various areas or across different types of roles. 

Virtual Recruiting Adds Scalability to High-Volume Hiring 

One of the most valuable benefits of virtual recruiting events is scalability. The flexibility of a single high-volume virtual recruiting strategy can help you meet hiring goals throughout the seasons and across different departments, business units or geographic locations. The scalability of virtual events helps employers respond to staffing demands quickly, whether you’re staffing a new location, launching a new project or expanding a department to meet customer needs. 

“Between September and October of last year, using [Radancy], we hired 1,500 people in the stores, which we couldn’t have done without [Radancy],” said Attar. 

You can easily scale a hiring events strategy across different regions, departments or roles, as many of our customers do, enabling you to create niche appeal events to target the exact right candidates for each high-volume role, while maximizing your ability to do so at scale across different business needs. 

Reducing the Cost of High-Volume Hiring 

Virtual recruiting events deliver massive cost savings in comparison with in-person events, but also compared to a traditional sourcing model where recruiters spend countless hours setting up screening interview calls on a one-on-one basis, managing all the logistics of individual candidate and hiring manager schedules. The cost savings of your team being able to video interview hundreds of candidates in a matter of hours can be incredible in terms of recruiter time alone. 

Traditional high-volume hiring requires more time and more staff interaction, so costs tend to climb in relation to your hiring goals. Virtual recruiting costs less and saves time because there’s no travel, much less setup time and the process is streamlined with event templates. 

Save Time & Reduce Stress with Virtual Recruiting for High-Volume Hiring 

Virtual recruiting events can alleviate the burdens of high-volume hiring on your talent acquisition team, thanks to the addition of automated screening tools and the ability to interview candidates quickly with no time tied up in scheduling individual appointments or waiting for no-shows. With less stress and fewer headaches, your team will have more time and energy to evaluate candidates and build relationships. 

The Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud is built to enable your teams to take notes, rate candidates and quickly follow up to take action on top candidates – all within the virtual recruiting event solution – so you can identify the best candidates faster and move to an offer quickly, saving your time and theirs. 

“The ROI we get from [Radancy] is a huge savings of our recruiters’ time,” said Attar. 

A Better High-Volume Hiring Process 

For talent acquisition teams tasked with high-volume hiring throughout the year, virtual recruiting events are essential. Virtual hiring events offer so many benefits, that high-volume employers can’t afford to stick with outdated traditional tactics. 

What are the Challenges of High-Volume Recruiting? 

  • Time: It takes a significant amount of time to go through a high volume of candidates, which can create a longer hiring period for candidates and increase your overall time to hire. 
  • Candidate ghosting: Top qualified candidates can drop out of the process while waiting on your team to process so many candidates and take a role that is moving more quickly toward an offer. 
  • Inefficiencies: The myriad logistics that go into high-volume hiring create a lot of bottlenecks and inefficiencies. 
  • It’s difficult to scale. With a traditional high-volume hiring process, there is so much manual coordinating, it’s hard to scale across a recruiting team. 
  • High costs. Investing so much of your recruiting team’s time into manually reviewing and coordinating with a large number of candidates is a huge investment. 

Thankfully, most of the top challenges of high-volume recruiting are addressed when teams adopt a virtual recruiting strategy leveraging scalable screening and interviewing events with the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud. 

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