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Leveraging Innovative & Proven Strategies for Campus Recruitment Success

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Campus recruiting has long been a crucial component of early career recruiting—and it’s changed a lot over the past few years. The strategies your team used five years ago may no longer yield the results you expect or the outcomes your organization depends on. Like most other areas of recruiting, the most effective strategies and key best practices are something of a moving target. The newest methods aren’t replacing the previous iterations entirely, but it’s clear that talent acquisition teams that do not evolve will struggle to compete. In 2023, we hosted an educational webinar for TA teams with featured speaker Cheryl Petersen, Associate Principal, Americas Region Talent Resourcing Leader at Arup, whose team uses Radancy’s Hiring Events to connect with student candidates across the country. Petersen’s insights on today’s campus recruiting challenges and solutions represent an invaluable resource for any TA team grappling with early career recruiting.

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