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Why Campus Recruitment Is So Important Today

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A lot has changed in the job market in the past few years—including the prospects of new graduates. So, when it comes to reaching new talent, why is campus recruitment so important?

Why Campus Recruitment Is Important for Employers

Being proactive to reach top entry-level talent is arguably more important than ever for employers. With over a year of historically low unemployment rates, an extremely tight talent pool, and the after-effects of the “Great Resignation,” more and more organizations are finding that campus recruiting (and even career advocacy programs to reach students early in their career decision-making journey) has become an indispensable recruiting strategy.

Campus Recruiting Is Also Valuable to Students

But let’s not forget that campus recruitment is also important for the audience you’re trying to reach—students. Students value when organizations help them get advice on their resumes, practice interviewing, learn about organizations from the people who work there, and even get advice on what specific areas to focus on as they enter the career world. This is invaluable advice they can get from campus recruiters. Organizations that invest in equipping students to navigate emerging from the educational environment into the professional world will build lasting relationships that pay dividends over time.

So, we know that campus recruitment is critical for both employers and students. Now the question is: what’s the best way for campus recruiters to reach this talent? Let’s start by putting ourselves in their sneakers.

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