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Radancy Recognizes Our Women in Tech on IWD and Every Day

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Happy International Women’s Day! This celebratory day was established to recognize the social, economic and cultural achievements of women around the world. Today and throughout Women’s History Month, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of the talented women of Radancy on our social channels.

I’m proud to serve as the CEO of a global SaaS company that has women in technology throughout our organization. From our executive leadership team, COO Lynda Harden, to the many talented women working as tech leads, product owners, scrum masters, software engineers and IT technicians, women are critical to Radancy’s success. As a historically underrepresented group in tech, we’re doing our part to create positive change for women in the industry.

As I consider the 2023 IWD theme, Embrace Equity, it allows us as an organization to look inward and reflect on how we can build a more equitable future. We understand that all people, no matter their gender identity, start from different places. One of the ways Radancy embraces equity from this perspective is our Software Engineering Development Program. Led by Sherrie Campbell, this 90-day program builds and expands the skills of early career software engineers.

The focus to have the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud at the center of our recruitment strategy helps us attract and retain tech talent. Through partnerships with organizations like InHerSight, we can expand our reach to top female talent to join Radancy. We offer employees the chance to develop and deploy the industry’s most advanced talent acquisition platform to solve complex hiring challenges. We’ve also expanded benefits that encourage more flexibility and offer a better work/life balance for women. The work we’re doing is just the start of ensuring women at Radancy feel connected, supported and empowered to succeed in their careers.

About Michelle Abbey

Michelle Abbey is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Radancy. Through her 30-year career with Radancy, Michelle has held almost every position within the business and has helped guide the company’s transition from print to digital, while expanding the client solution set to include a robust SaaS technology platform. She takes pride in Radancy’s reputation as an organization that gives its workforce opportunities to embrace innovation and change. As a result of having fostered this strategic corporate culture, Radancy is able to define new talent acquisition trends and develop creative solutions to solve client challenges. Michelle works to ensure this same passion is infused into each client engagement through the delivery of award-winning, transformational work.

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