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CKR Interactive Successfully Transitions to Operating as TMP Worldwide

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At TMP Worldwide, we have two strategic imperatives to help our clients hire right fit talent in an everchanging and challenging global business environment: continue to develop the technologies that seamlessly integrate into our clients daily operations, and seek acquisitions that align with our position as a global leader in talent acquisition tech. That’s why just over a year ago, we acquired CKR Interactive: an employer branding and recruitment marketing firm based in Campbell, California.

CKR Interactive and its accomplished staff of talent acquisition professionals represent some of the best minds in the industry. Thanks to CKR’s shared vision and innovative approach to solving customer challenges in new ways, the acquisition has aligned perfectly with our existing solutions in the areas of employee engagement, creative, technology, employer brand, strategy and media. In addition, this acquisition allowed CKR Interactive to diversify and develop world-class interactive solutions for its clients’ while giving its employees the opportunity for professional growth and development.

It’s not the only step we took last year to bolster and transform TMP Worldwide’s capabilities. Following the CKR acquisition, TMP acquired three additional companies that allowed us to enrich our programmatic tool set with Perengo, enhanced our social media marketing with Carve and expanded our European footprint with recruitment marketing tech firm, Maximum.

All this work has a single focus: to provide our clients with both the most powerful technology and most comprehensive service in the industry. We will continue to build on technology that leverages our unmatched data sets based on millions of interactions to help them navigate the uncharted territory of the next decade.

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Michelle Abbey is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Radancy. Through her 30-year career with Radancy, Michelle has held almost every position within the business and has helped guide the company’s transition from print to digital, while expanding the client solution set to include a robust SaaS technology platform. She takes pride in Radancy’s reputation as an organization that gives its workforce opportunities to embrace innovation and change. As a result of having fostered this strategic corporate culture, Radancy is able to define new talent acquisition trends and develop creative solutions to solve client challenges. Michelle works to ensure this same passion is infused into each client engagement through the delivery of award-winning, transformational work.

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