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New Year. New Brand.

I am thrilled to announce that TMP Worldwide enters the new year with a new brand. Nearly 15 years ago we set out to revolutionize how employers find, attract and hire talent. Today, we renew that promise with a new brand that unifies all that we do and amplifies our ambition.  

I am proud to introduce you to Radancy.  

Radancy is the global talent technology leader solving the most critical challenges for employers and delivering results that strengthen organizations. Our new name, look and feel reflect the connected intelligence we bring to the entire candidate experience journey.  

Radancy emits energy, optimism and positivity that resonates throughout the company, the industry and every client solution we provide. The logo represents our global unification and comprehensive offerings – illustrating how we set the pulse for the industry through connected intelligence. Radancy puts all the right pieces together to make every connection count. 

Why, did we decide to change our name? It’s simple really, over the past several years our business has seen tremendous growth. Both through organic means, like our unified platform, and through strategic acquisitions around the world. Radancy represents the full integration of TMP Worldwide, AIA Worldwide, Perengo, CKR, Carve and Maximum – combining the best technology, solutions and talent under one global roof. This allows us to simplify our story, eliminate brand confusion and take ownership of all that we do. 

Our unified talent acquisition platform is the driving force behind our transformation as the go-to destination for automating and optimizing all essential touchpoints in the candidate journey. Radancy’s innovative platform will continue to evolve as our teams across the world work together delivering solutions for our clients. Our new name doesn’t change how we work, it unifies us under a singular mission. 

I take great pride in the results we’ve been able to achieve for our clients over the years and the innovative work of our teams across the globe. Today marks an exciting new beginning for us and I look forward to the opportunities a new year and new brand will bring. 

Whether you’re new to us or we’ve been partners for years, we’re excited to help you by offering solutions you can count on, perspective you need and a commitment to results you deserve. 

About Michelle Abbey

Michelle Abbey is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Radancy. Through her 30-year career with Radancy, Michelle has held almost every position within the business and has helped guide the company’s transition from print to digital, while expanding the client solution set to include a robust SaaS technology platform. She takes pride in Radancy’s reputation as an organization that gives its workforce opportunities to embrace innovation and change. As a result of having fostered this strategic corporate culture, Radancy is able to define new talent acquisition trends and develop creative solutions to solve client challenges. Michelle works to ensure this same passion is infused into each client engagement through the delivery of award-winning, transformational work.

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