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Citizens: Facilitating Positive Candidate Outcomes

A great Career Site will fully educate the candidate on your company and job opportunities. Ideally, everything they need to know will be easily found within the experience.

But how much is too much? What should go where? How should it be deployed?

These are all crucial questions when designing your ultimate candidate experience.

As part of the long-term Citizens-Radancy partnership, content on their Career Site was plentiful. But it needed simplifying. It needed a re-organization and repositioning for the current marketplace. Ultimately, the user experience needed to be reimagined.

These were our mutual priorities as we headed into the site rebuild.

Here’s how we achieved optimal results…


First, we sat down together to ideate on the ideal state. We reviewed recruitment and consumer sites to imagine ‘what’s possible.’ From there, we aligned on expectations and goals.

We analyzed current content and identified out-of-date content to be updated or removed from the site.

Only then could we prioritize.

UX analysis drove the revised site navigation and layout.

In the new model, content was designed to facilitate learning about Citizens, while navigation was designed to promote desired actions like job applications.

“Through close collaboration we were able to establish a clear understanding of the stories that needed telling, the content needed to tell those stories and the interactions that jobseekers would need in order to accomplish their goals,” explains Radancy’s Lead UX Designed Jake Ruef.

“From there, the UX team utilized that insight to create a site structure that not only married Citizens’ unique needs and content with Radancy’s product offering but also made sure that current usability best practices were infused throughout the site to provide job seekers with the best experience possible.”


Second, content needed to be revised to align with the Citizens Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

“Citizens – and the world – had changed considerably since the last site redesign, so working together we made sure the brand voice reflected that, creating an easy to understand and compelling user experience for a diverse candidate set,” explains Mauro Longoni, Radancy Creative Director.

As that process ensued, the site was being re-architected with a focus on UX, creative and accessibility. This included both an external site for outside candidates and an internal version for current colleagues. All with a mobile-first mindset.

“Working in lockstep with the client and the Radancy Unified Platform, we were able to create a streamlined, modern and, not to mention, award winning career site that reflected Citizens as a financial institution at the cutting edge of FinTech,” Mauro further details.




“Radancy was thrilled to work with Citizens in taking on a more proactive approach to address accessibility throughout the project, launching a highly robust, usable and inclusive experience that will reach a more diverse audience,” says Michael Spellacy, Radancy’s Director of Accessibility.

“Accessibility was, and continues to be, integral to our partnership, and we are all incredibly proud of what we were able to accomplish here.”

Outside of Citizens, entities like the Web Marketing Association agreed, with Citizens taking home a 2021 award for Outstanding Mobile Website in the Employment category.




From a metrics perspective, the results were just as exciting…

  • +22% Apply Click Rate on Desktop YOY
  • +53% Apply Click Rate on Mobile YOY
  • +14% Female Users YOY
  • DEI page +117% versus site average

With a revamped website and the recruitment flow optimized, Citizens is ready to reshape their workforce…and ready for what’s next.

To learn more about Citizens career opportunities, please visit https://jobs.citizensbank.com/

Special thanks to the Citizens Account Team at Radancy:

  • Alane Apicella, Chief Client Partner
  • Jenny Steinberg, VP Digital Strategy
  • Megan Crow, VP Client Strategy
  • Mauro Longoni, Creative Director
  • Michael Spellacy, Director of Accessibility
  • Dawn Rokosh, Producer
  • Jake Ruef, UX Lead
  • John Gianelli, Art Director
  • Amber Bakeberg, Copywriter
  • Reed Myers, Digital Project Manager
  • Quincy Morrison, Senior Customer Support Specialist
  • Amy Wankmuller, Account Director
  • Monica Prado, Account Director
  • Brittany Peterson, Account Executive

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