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Boston Pizza: A Canadian Success Story

Boston Pizza is one of Canada’s most beloved brands.

But their career site…
…needed a little more meat and a little less cheese!
…was just a slice of what was possible!
…needed much more pizza-zz!
(OK, I’ll stop now.)

Seriously though, something needed to change.

Sure, there was a “come work here” type of message … sure, employee stories were front and center … professional photography, lots of good things!

And, they were nice stories – solid tales – but they lacked a foundation.

Boston Pizza knew this. They knew they needed it as a corporation. And they knew they really needed it to support their franchisees.

“It was very important to us to support our franchisees’ staffing needs with a consistent and strong brand across all regions and restaurants that reflected the true attraction of choosing Boston Pizza and the career paths we offer,” explained Laura Darrell, Boston Pizza’s Vice President of Operations and Training.

So, they came to Radancy.

First order up? Figure out what Boston Pizza has to offer.

The Ingredients

To make a great pizza, you need to consider the taste experience of the dough, the sauce and the toppings.

To build a compelling employer brand for Canada’s favorite casual dining restaurant chain, you need to consider the experience of the franchisees, the Heart of House team members and the Front of the House team members.

We led a series of focus groups and one-on-one sessions, talking with over 60 new, and tenured, team members in total.

What we learned was:

  • Relationships are huge – both among team members and guests
  • Everyone enjoys the Flexible Scheduling model
  • The reality of Career Advancement is an amazing plus
  • The fun, supportive, welcoming, positive, team-oriented environment benefits everyone

But, how do you bring that to the table?

The Meal

The benefits of working at Boston Pizza were substantial, but not altogether unique.

To really bring those points home, we needed to do it loud – to add an exclamation point – to allow no doubt as to the veracity of these claims … and thus, the seal was born:

“We wanted to create a bold headline device to highlight the ‘Boston Pizza works for you’ messaging as well as reinforce their commitment to quality food and service. We also took this opportunity to celebrate a bit of Canadian pride,” explains Radancy Associate Creative Director Veronica Escobedo.

“Flexibility was key in the design of the badge. We created artwork that could easily be placed on any Boston Pizza branded material, making the identification of employer brand messaging instantaneous.”

The seal gave the creative campaign the credence needed to resonate:

With the foundations set and the hook developed, the Career Site redesign took on a new life (even with some of the core elements remaining the same):

But where the storytelling really happens is on the job level. This is where those attributes shine. Where candidates hear from their peers, learn what it takes to be successful at BP and see their potential career path. This is crucial because jobs get the most traffic on a career site. That’s where you convince and convert. And Boston Pizza is now telling their story there better than most. Radancy’s Advanced Job Descriptions (AJDs) made it possible and brought these roles to life.

“Through seamless collaboration, we were able to define and deliver interactive infographics, information on soft skills (beyond what is in the traditional job description), testimonials, career path info and the EVP – all on the job level through our AJDs,” explains Radancy Director of Digital Strategy Jaimie Laver.

With Advanced Job Descriptions, BP’s apply click conversion rate increased 55%!

So, what happens next?

The Delivery

With a foundation in place, it’s time to let candidates “make their own pizza.”

We built Boston Pizza’s career site on our unified platform, using AI and machine learning to personalize the online experiences for BP’s candidates based on their location, previous interactions with the site and other network triggers.

“Implementing the new branding on our Career Site platform will ensure we are able to serve each candidate information specific to their priorities wherever they are in their search,” continues BP’s Laura Darrell, “Radancy understands candidate behavior and how to convert candidates into hires!”

Radancy’s Unified Platform served up great things for Boston Pizza. Now, Boston Pizza serves great things to both their customers and job candidates.

This will yield significant returns and have their franchisees proclaiming, “My compliments to the chef!”

Bon Appétit!

See what Boston Pizza is delivering at:

Special thanks to the Boston Pizza Account Team at Radancy:

  • Jaimie Laver, Director, Digital Strategy
  • Veronica Escobedo, Associate Creative Director
  • Michael Sato, Creative Director
  • Faron Greenfield, Sr. Copywriter
  • Jen Adelman, Director, New Business Development
  • Elan Masliyah – VP, Enterprise Sales
  • Lisa Schwenk, Vice President
  • Tina Lin, Account Director
  • Stacey Lagala, SVP, Global Client Development
  • Reed Myers, Team Lead, Customer Experience & Support
  • Lori Charest, VP, Employer Brand

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A 10+ year veteran of Radancy, Ian recently concluded 5 years of running the Boston office by shifting back to the Business Development team where he provides thought leadership and digital strategy expertise to both the team and prospective clients. As solutions architect for new client companies, Ian will diagnose complex challenges and prescribe precise programs to fulfill their specific needs, inclusive of employer brand, marketing/advertising, and, in particular, software and technology. When he’s not delivering solutions for our new clients, you can usually find him lost down a rabbit-hole of pro wrestling history online or getting bossed around by his dogs Larry & Leon.

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