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Coca-Cola European Partners: Differentiating, Consolidating & Optimizing

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) had some pretty major challenges.

First off, their name. You assumed they were The Coca-Cola Company, right? Yeah, everyone does. And, while they are closely aligned from a business perspective – particularly when it comes to products and consumer marketing – they are different companies.

So, in addition to traditional Employer Branding efforts, CCEP needed to make sure candidates first knew who they were as an employer before they could even start showing why they’re a great employer. That was number one.

Number two was the task of taking nine disparate careers websites across Europe and consolidating them into one, in terms of BOTH messaging and functionality.

Number three? Adding foundational functionality like Interactive Maps, Job Alert signups, Related Content integration, and the ability for the candidate to save jobs.

Oh, wait … one more … number four: Make it look better!

Here’s what they had:

Here’s what they needed:

“CCEP is a complex business across multiple countries in Western Europe,” explains Jackie Hallums of CCEP’s Employer Brand and Talent Acquisition Centre of Excellence. “So, keeping the candidate at the heart of the new mobile first design and navigation was essential.”

OK, where to start?

Partnering with TMP’s UK office, AIA Worldwide, they started with the online candidate experience.

Specifically, they began with:

Phase 1: Consolidating

  • Take nine sites and turn them into one on our unified platform
  • Optimize the entire experience for mobile
  • Incorporate some elements of the new Employer Brand design to the site
  • Add Interactive Maps, Job Alert signups, Related Content integration, and the ability for the candidate to save jobs

“I was really excited to work with the CCEP team. They were about to move forward with a large transformation project built off of their new employer brand, but first we needed to tackle a quite complex multi career site ecosystem across multiple regions and languages,” details Patrick Welch, AIA Worldwide’s Director of Analytics.

“The evolution from nine sites to a single site took just as much planning as it did technical know-how. Working with the U.S. and U.K. TMP Worldwide and AIA Worldwide development teams, alongside the CCEP technical team, we were able to launch a much-improved candidate journey; a single site, with multi-language variations, including the ability to search via keyword, location, or a custom map search integration. This new site increased applications almost overnight, and is continuing to evolve to better support candidates on their applicant journey every day.”

Here’s what that looked like:




Phase 2: Differentiating

  • Continue to incorporate the new Employer Brand design into the site, including the new color scheme
  • Further distinguish CCEP from The Coca-Cola Company

Phase 3: Optimizing

So, while all this is going on, we’re looking at everything — we’re analyzing the UX, we’re digging into the analytics, and we’re seeing what the heatmaps tell us.

The heatmaps told us a lot, but one of the most important things they told us was that Job Alerts were getting short shrift.

So, we took them from the bottom to the top.

In a four-month window, job alert sign-ups more than doubled!

Oh, and we also took those interactive maps even further!

But, that’s not all. As part of this three-phase journey, CCEP has:

  • Doubled annual applications
  • Cut application time by 2/3

“We are excited about where we have got to with the platform, but we won’t stop there!” Jackie reveals. “We’re always looking at ways to hone content and improve and personalise candidate experience. A lot of things are coming within phase three of the site.”

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) had some pretty major challenges. But it’s always refreshing when you make the right choice.


To see how CCEP pulled this all off, check out their careers site at: https://www.ccep.jobs/

Our unified platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need. Want to see what we can achieve together? Connect with us today.

Special thanks to the CCEP Account Team at TMP:

  • Patrick Welch, Director of Strategy Software
  • Grainne White, Account Executive
  • Diane Baker, Client Partner
  • Emily Sanders, Account Manager
  • Ben Phillips, Content Strategist
  • Pam Fay, Account Director
  • Ed Rowly, Digital Project Manager
  • Dan Green, Director of Technology
  • Chris Becker, Director of Data Services
  • Marc Kain, Designer
  • Merle Lueckens, Account Director, Germany
  • Emma Chaddock, Data Scientist
  • John Elstad, SEO Director

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