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PG&E: Making It Possible for Their People

Can your energy inspire cleaner, safer energy for everyone? That’s what PG&E asks of their job candidates. But how did they get there?

PG&E came to Radancy knowing that they needed to define their value proposition and disseminate it throughout their job candidate experience.

Specifically, they really needed to attract new candidates for their Technology & Finance talent pools in the greater California region.

Of course we could help. And it starts with understanding the reality.

To do this, we interviewed executives, recruiters, and team members (the latter being a mix of new and tenured team members). All of the above having strategic participation representing PG&E’s Technology and Finance groups.

In speaking with PG&E, the external perception of the company was hindering recruitment – and, more importantly, it didn’t match the internal perceptions held by their team members. So, we set about the work of showing external candidates why the PG&E team was so positive about their work experience.

Upon that framework, a new brand positioning foundation was built: Let’s Make It Possible.

“Radancy helped us create a positive, yet authentic and realistic, candidate rallying cry during a time when our reputation was incredibly challenged,” proclaims Mary Fox, Employer Brand Principal at PG&E. “As a PG&E employee, I’m proud of how the creative campaign shows up on our career site. I feel like we really can make the future possible.”

“This was a really interesting brief to unpack,” explains Yvette Milne, VP, Regional Creative Director at Radancy. “PG&E has faced some tough times and faces low external perception. But, when the mirror is turned inside the company, we see a team of committed, humble, engaged and motivated professionals who embrace a shared mission to do more and be better together.”

“’Let’s Make It Possible’ is the vehicle through which we are able to highlight some of the initiatives and ideas that PG&E’s people are already working on. And it doubles down as an invitation to the candidate: to bring your curiosity, to ask big and challenging questions, and to be a part of ideating, implementing, testing and continually improving to make things better for customers and California. It’s a chance for all candidates – and specifically those in tech and finance – to see themselves shaping the future of this centuries-old company and driving positive change.”

But to really make things possible for PG&E, that employer brand positioning needed to live as an experience … one that could truly BE EXPERIENCED.

jobs.pge.com was that place – and Radancy’s unified platform made it possible.

Here, candidates could learn about the employment reality, the company culture, search jobs, get valuable information about those jobs BEYOND just the job descriptions, sign up for talent communities, and much, much more!

“It was a concerted effort between PG&E and Radancy,” recalls Radancy Client Strategist Zumaly Sandoval. “You could really feel the passion from the PG&E side behind the creation of this content for potential candidates and employees. They were truly inspired to make their mission known and to detail how their employees are critical in that effort.”

And, ultimately, doing the right things led to getting the right results!

If you look at September 2019 – February 2020 vs September 2020 – February 2021, traffic increased more than seven-fold!

And that’s during a time where the Career Site traffic for most companies was less than ideal.

“The ability to both boost and measure traffic to our Career Site has proved invaluable for quantifying the ROI for our employer brand and recruitment marketing efforts,” states Clare Shanahan, Director, Talent Acquisition & Mobility at PG&E.

PG&E energized their candidate experience. And that energized California. For their new hires, that means a bright future is more than possible … it’s reality.

To learn more about the possibilities PG&E provides, please visit: https://jobs.pge.com/.

Special thanks to the PG&E Account team at Radancy:

  • Zumaly Sandoval, Client Strategist
  • Susie Quattrocchi, Account Director
  • Yvette Milne, Creative Director
  • Bernie Valdez, Art Director
  • Faron Greenfield, Copywriter
  • Kyle Filbeck, Digital Project Manager
  • Jessica Young, Regional Vice President
  • Jen Adelman, Director New Business Development

Radancy’s unified platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need. Want to see what we can achieve together? Connect with us today.

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