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Allied Universal: Optimizing Candidate Flow

When you’re a security company, the hiring machine never stops working.

Allied Universal is one of the largest in the world … and that was before they acquired G4S in 2021; a move that increased overall hiring needs in the US by around 20%.

And, like everything else, COVID-19 hung over everyone’s heads.

“As we continued to grow year over year, and we were dealing with a difficult economic climate, our hiring needs expanded faster than we anticipated,” explains Donna Singer, Director, Recruiting Enablement of Allied Universal. “It was essential for us to find ways to recruit more efficiently and effectively.”

Lots to do; lots to overcome.

Fortunately, Allied was already partnered with Radancy.


But this overall hiring goal was exponentially greater than anything we had been tasked with previously.

So, we developed a three-pronged plan, with our technology at the core.


First, we needed a sit-down to determine what mutual success looks like.

  • Which jobs / locations get the priority?
  • To what degree?
  • How do we adjust course on the fly?
  • When do we?
  • And why?

We all needed commitment from both sides to review results together and optimize accordingly.

“Through our weekly cadence of reporting reviews and strategic discussions, we were able to quickly identify and address areas of need with an appropriate prioritization that allowed Allied to hit their target goals across the board,” reveals Lisa Redmond, Radancy Account Director.


With the methodology established (albeit one that was flexible based on the needs of the day), the next most important challenge was the candidate traffic push.

Allied Universal already leveraged Radancy’s Programmatic AdTech, allowing us to ensure ideal budget distribution and job candidate generation.



So, we took that program and then further agreed upon budgetary and contextual updates to campaign elements such as … job titles, priority markets, minor markets, jobs per requisition, and more.

This allowed us to push the right traffic to the right jobs at the right time.

“Allied Universal’s programmatic campaigns continue to adapt and evolve over time. We’ve been able to apply client feedback to how we segment the campaigns. We’re never complacent with results and are always looking for ways to improve performance and focus efforts where they are needed most.” – Melissa Ekwinski, VP, Programmatic Media Solutions at Radancy.


In parallel to traffic driving, we further ensured that the conversion vehicle (the career site) was optimized to get the right candidates to say ‘YES.’

On the Allied Universal site, 52% of the traffic lands on the job level. That’s why Allied leverages Radancy’s proprietary Advanced Job Descriptions.

As you will see below, Radancy’s Advanced Job Descriptions don’t confine your ability to sell candidates on your job opportunities (billable ones in Allied’s case!) to simply line after line of job description copy.

Rather, these AJDs visually show your candidates information on Career Path, Benefits, Culture, Community, and more!


As such, the AJD performance consistently outperforms the standard Job Description performance!

And, 75% of Allied’s overall traffic is on mobile, so everything needed to be perfect there as well.


In just one quarter, this three-pronged plan delivered …

  • 44% increase in Apply Clicks
  • 15% increase in Applications
  • 27% reduction in Cost Per Application

“Radancy’s efforts are helping us manage application flow in some of our most challenging areas. Our operations are running smoothly but the team is always pushing the status quo in the name of improvement.” – Donna Singer, Director, Recruiting Enablement at Allied Universal.

While there’s certainly plenty of work to do and keep doing, Allied’s hiring future is quite secure through our strategic partnership and industry leading technology.

Check out all of Allied’s career opportunities at: https://jobs.aus.com/

Special thanks to the Allied Universal Account Team at Radancy:

  • Lisa Redmond, Account Director
  • Jenny Steinberg, VP, Digital Strategy
  • Mary Alice Sosnoski, VP, Client Strategy
  • Melissa Ekwinski, VP, Programmatic Media Solutions
  • Fred Pratt, Chief Client Partner

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