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Audible: Amplifying Employees’ Voices

Special thanks to the Audible team who worked closely with TMP to bring this experience to life: Dana Hyland George, Sarah Song, Mallory Mcgill and Kari Helgason!

The power of voice. No company embodies that more than Audible.

The world’s leader in original spoken-word entertainment and audiobooks, Audible listeners downloaded nearly four billion hours of content in 2019. Acquired by Amazon in 2008, Audible’s content catalogue has grown by double digits year over year for more than a decade.

As part of that expansion, their offering now includes Audible Originals from talent such as Paul Rudd, Sheryl Crow and Blake Griffin, and they continue to collaborate with world-renowned talent performing virtually every book under the sun.

But, we’re not here to talk about those people. We’re here to talk about the people who make it all happen: Audible’s employees. In particular, we’re here to talk about their role in building Audible’s employer brand.

“Audible has a strong culture and an incredible story to tell. It’s a workplace full of extraordinary colleagues and unique opportunities to do meaningful, fulfilling and challenging work,” explains Dana Hyland George, Audible’s Director of Global Talent Acquisition Marketing and Employee Experience.

“We amplify employee voices to help us define the distinct Audible employee experience (our employer value proposition) and use those insights to enable us to purposefully shape our authentic, engaging and uniquely Audible culture and attraction story.”

A quick look at Dana’s social presence and that commitment to people and culture is self-evident:

In order to attract the right talent for Audible’s current employment opportunities, their branding needs to live up to their well-established People Principles (https://www.audible.com/about/people-principles/) and speak directly to the candidate audience:

But Audible knows better than anyone – they can’t just sing it, they’ve gotta bring it!

So, that messaging has to be backed up with some serious proof points, and they have to permeate their primary candidate communication tool – their careers website.

To do this, Audible leveraged TMP’s unified platform and focused on these areas:

The People

Of course, you can’t be all about the people if you don’t show the people. So, first and foremost, you need to show those Brand Ambassadors.

Audible does this in style – naturally, including their favorite audiobooks:

Their Words

For Audible, it’s not enough to show their employees, they need to be heard.

So, planted throughout the site are seeds of wisdom direct from their mouths:

Stories from their Inside Audible blog are fed directly in to their Our Commitment page:

And, they even help facilitate real-time insights by pushing candidates to their Instagram:

Their Experience

Finally, Audible allows candidates to feel what it would be like working there – both physically and personally.

Fittingly for a tech leader, their offices – when opened – are a selling point:

And, their commitment to inclusivity is clear in everything from the nomenclature they use – Spectrum & Belonging – to their Impact Groups promoting allyship and advancement.

“It’s a genuine pleasure to partner with a company like Audible, who not only truly cares about their team members but also recognizes that those same team members are the manifestation of their Talent Acquisition efforts,” notes TMP VP of Client Strategy, Deirdre Donadio. “That focus on employees was so important, we knew it had to be the foundation of each and every component of the careers website.”

And that structure has delivered for Audible:

August 2020 vs. August 2019…

  • Search visibility (clicks from Google): +101%
  • Candidate visits (users): +150%
  • Awareness (new users): +88%
  • Talent Network sign-ups: +89%

To take it a step further, personalization was implemented for location-related content on job descriptions, which increased those apply clicks by 65%.

“The early returns have been significant,” explains Deirdre. “And those performance indicators will be what guides our optimizations moving forward.”

For Audible, it’s all about the power of voice and the power of their people. And, the benefits can be heard loud and clear.

To learn more about what Audible has to say, check out: https://www.audiblecareers.com/. And, be on the lookout for greater enhancements coming later in 2020.

Special thanks to the Audible Account Team at TMP:

  • Deirdre Donadio, VP Client Strategy
  • Casey Brusch, VP Digital Strategy
  • Bekki Chapman, VP Campaign Strategy
  • Selena Lengsavath, Account Director
  • Sasha Wright, Senior Account Executive
  • Ashley Senatore, Digital Project Manager
  • Matt Allen, Product Support Specialist
  • Jessica Young, Regional Vice President

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