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Allacyn Griffin-May

After working in the marketing field for more than 10 years and the Talent Acquisition industry for more than eight, Allacyn is leveraging her experience in her new role as an Employee Engagement Manager. Improving the employee experience is something Allacyn is truly passionate about because employee engagement is not only vital in supporting our clients, but also key to the success of our business. Outside of work, Allacyn loves to travel and explore new places with her husband and spend time with her baby boy.

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Allison Kelley

Allison Kelley is a copywriter at TMP Worldwide in New York. Since 2009, she has worked to tell brand stories for a variety of industries including nonprofit, HR, and small business. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post and Chicagoist, among others.

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Alphonso Echols

Based out of our Chicago office, Alphonso is a Content Marketer who brings innovative and creative ideas to the forefront, taking them from conception to reality. Outside of work, he enjoys art galleries, working out and of course binge-watching any new "favorite" TV shows.

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Andrea Bacseva

Andrea Bacseva, Solutions Engineer, is responsible for setting product strategy, building business cases and helping to drive sales of our innovative Talent Acquisition Platform to global Fortune 500 employers.

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Anna Copper

Anna is a Digital Strategist who brings a data analytics lens to clients' recruitment strategies. She also assists with Radancy Labs projects. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, hiking and buying books she never gets around to reading.

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Brandon Spencer

Brandon is currently the National Digital Creative Director at Radancy and has been a part of the organization since 2007. Brandon is responsible for providing leadership, innovative and strategic solutions to meet the needs of a very industry diverse clientele. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Brandon is comfortable with making the hard decisions. He has a passion for design and solving interesting problems within a collaborative team environment. Autonomous, competitive, curious and analytical with a tenacious work ethic, he considers the world of design, a labor of love.

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Brian Di Bartolomeo

As the Regional Vice President of Client Strategy for Radancy Chicago-Midwest, Brian collaborates with leading organizations on their employment brand, attracting qualified candidates, and providing thought leadership on their overall talent acquisition strategy. An industrial-organizational psychologist, Brian has an outstanding reputation for developing, implementing, and maintaining sound measurable business practices and effective communication skills with clients, and leadership skills with internal teams.

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Casey Brusch

Casey Brusch is a Digital Strategist in our San Francisco office with a background in content marketing strategy, technical SEO and website development with a focus on UX. She’s worked on digital strategies with clients in an array of industries, including recruiting and staffing, ecommerce and IT. She started her career in promotions and engagement and email marketing for a company that helped clients find and hire top programmers. She then moved to an account management role in content marketing and digital strategy that allowed her to add to her expertise with a larger digital marketing mix.

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Chris Citero

Chris currently leads strategy and execution across a diverse group of cross-functional teams for Radancy. Chris’s work has been recognized and awarded by the Web Marketing Association’s Internet Advertising Competition & Mobile Web Awards, The Webby’s, ERE, as well as the Creative Excellence Awards. Chris lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and loves traveling, exploring and pursuing his many creative outlets. He’s also known to moonlight as a hip-hop artist and can on occasion turn his kitchen into a pop-up restaurant.

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Craig Knutson

As VP of Creative Technology, Craig is a driving force behind the development, implementation, and education of Radancy’s interactive and digital offerings.

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Dinah Ribarsky

Dinah Ribarsky began her journey at Radancy in 2016 and currently uses her expertise in product marketing, digital strategy and account service to develop compelling solutions to client and industry challenges. She holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has also spent time in consumer advertising, marketing and fine arts sectors. Dinah is frequently driven by a desire to understand human behaviors and motivators, and these learnings have been a guiding force in her work. When not in the office, Dinah can be found exploring, taking pictures and petting animals.

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Dorota Rautiainen

Dorota Rautiainen is an experienced strategist with ample experience in employer branding and digital marketing. As Chief Client Partner, she works with clients from across Europe and the world and oversees activities across the entire German client base. Dorota is an expert for international approaches to digital solutions in employer branding, strategic planning and brand implementation. She knows what it takes to work in a truly global setting while not neglecting local and cultural needs. Before she joined Radancy, Dorota gained comprehensive knowledge around job seekers’ behavior when she headed a team of researchers in a Swedish employer brand consultancy.

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Doug Finke

Doug’s one of the Radancy copywriters who – coffee in hand – serves up compelling content with sharp, crisp writing. You can count on him to bring mad creativity and message discipline to your projects. He loves concepting big campaigns, communicating in a brand's voice, and synthesizing new ideas with flair and style. Outside of work, Doug – who lives in Austin, TX, – spends a fair amount of time reading, watching basketball, hiking, and eating breakfast tacos.

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Elan Masliyah

As the VP of Business Development and Programmatic Advertising, Elan is focused on building new client relationships in the Northwest as well as leading Radancy’s Programmatic go-to-market strategy. He is especially interested in the way technology & advertising intersect to better connect candidates to opportunity and bring employer brand stories to life. Elan has 15 years of experience in the talent acquisition industry including staffing, social networking start-up, recruitment media, marketing and technology, giving him a unique perspective. Elan holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco and his thesis explored the way music and sports merge to influence and drive culture.

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George LaRocque

George LaRocque, Principal Analyst and Founder of WorkTech ( has more than 25 years in the HR technology industry. He’s an HR leader and tech executive turned market analyst and advisor focused on users and developers of HR and talent technology. He leads the WorkTech (formerly HRWins) research and reports on workforce trends and HR tech VC investment.

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Henry Oliver

Henry is the Head of Planning at AIA Worldwide. He consults with global organisations to deliver EVP and Employer Brand work.

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Ian Nadeau

A 10+ year veteran of Radancy, Ian recently concluded 5 years of running the Boston office by shifting back to the Business Development team where he provides thought leadership and digital strategy expertise to both the team and prospective clients. As solutions architect for new client companies, Ian will diagnose complex challenges and prescribe precise programs to fulfill their specific needs, inclusive of employer brand, marketing/advertising, and, in particular, software and technology. When he’s not delivering solutions for our new clients, you can usually find him lost down a rabbit-hole of pro wrestling history online or getting bossed around by his dogs Larry & Leon.

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Jahkedda Akbar Mitchell

Jahkedda has many years of experience providing strategic guidance, data, and insights on job-seeker trends in support of Radancy and its clients. She has also worked in-house on the candidate attraction team for a large fortune 500 company. Jahkedda has a passion for psychology and storytelling; understanding why we do what we do and how to change behaviors...only using her powers for good. Jahkedda is a member of Radancy Labs: a design thinking focused innovation lab.

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Jaimie Laver

Jaimie’s eight years of Talent Acquisition industry experience include positions across various facets of the industry, which has given her a well-rounded perspective. She enjoys helping clients succeed in the recruitment marketing space through designing, presenting and executing data-driven digital strategies. Jaimie supports enterprise and SMB clients in Canada and the US across industries, including Finance, Food Service, Healthcare, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Biotech. Always one to appreciate a good sense of humour, she was once told to “limit the cat videos” during a performance review at a previous company.

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Jennifer Bartus

Jennifer Bartus has been working in HR technology for more than 20 years. In her role at Radancy she is teamed with clients, sales, and account service, along with product development and engineering to help ensure Radancy's solutions are meeting the needs of customers. When not working on the future of Radancy's products, she enjoys living in and doing all things Boston. As a Massachusetts native she does not pahk her cah in Hahvahd Yahd, she knows you’d likely incur a hefty fine if you tried.

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Jennifer Vaughan

Jen has over 20 years in the recruitment marketing industry and has spent the last 19 with Radancy. She currently leads the North American DS team, ensuring our clients meet their hiring goals through Radancy’s digital software and strategies.

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Jesse Hernandez

Jesse Hernandez is the Director of Global Security Risk and Compliance at Radancy, overseeing all client contractual and regulatory obligations and monitoring the compliance landscape to turn change into opportunity.

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John Elstad

John Elstad is SEO Director for Radancy. He’s experienced a lot in his 10+ years of online marketing, but still has a passion to learn something new every day. When John isn’t trying to move up the organic search rankings or distilling analytics, he's usually on the golf course or enjoying a tea party with his three little girls.

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John Zygmunt

John is a highly respected thought leader who collaborates with leading organizations to reimagine their talent strategy by intersecting it with their business goals and broader market movements. When he's not thinking of the future, he is spending time outdoors with his family and two dogs.

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joseph citro

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Katie Mahoney

Katie Mahoney is part of the Product Marketing team at Radancy. In her role, she works cross-functionally with a number of teams at Radancy to establish product positioning and messaging, build effective product launch communication strategies, and develop sales enablement content to drive demand and engagement for Radancy's software solutions.

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Keisha Liburd

Keisha Liburd is the Content Marketing Manager on the Radancy Brand Marketing Team. She joined the Radancy family in September 2021. As someone with a passion for all things content and strategy, she loves to help elevate the brand narrative in any way she can. She is a proud HBCU (Aggie Pride!) and SCAD graduate, and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Outside of work and all things content she enjoys traveling and experiencing different art and musical events.

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Kevin Regan

Kevin Regan, Vice President of Digital Strategy, is responsible for driving digital innovation across the Radancy client base. A veteran of the company for over 15 years, Kevin brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on driving effective strategies for Radancy clients.

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Kevin Tansey

Kevin is a Social Consultant based in Chicago where he leads Radancy's social content offering for North America. With ten years of digital marketing experience, he seeks to push the envelope of how impactful content can build authentic connections with social audiences. Outside of work, he enjoys writing, climbing, and producing pieces for his signature apparel brand. Reach Kevin directly at

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Louis Caggia

As Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Radancy, Lou is responsible for leading business development representatives to introduce Radancy to new customers and help them solve their recruitment challenges. With almost 20 years of experience in recruitment marketing, Lou has been part of the leadership team at Radancy during a time of exciting change in the industry and at the organization. Lou has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Hofstra University. When he's not in the office, Lou spends his free time coaching his son and daughter's baseball and softball teams.

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Louis Vong

Louis is a senior thought leader at Radancy and leads digital brand strategy and marketing for some of the company’s largest global clients. His passion for technology and all things digital and design is rivaled only by his love for Bob Ross paraphernalia.

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Lynda Harden

Lynda Harden is the Chief Operating Officer, Global Delivery at Radancy where she is directly responsible for the development and delivery of Radancy’s suite of products and services. Her career has spanned positions in account service, creative delivery, digital development, software operations, and product support functions. Lynda has been recognized for leveraging her project management and leadership skills in building digital delivery functions, developing product service operations and facilitating the centralization of the shared service model at Radancy. “Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best,” is Lynda’s mantra. She has also been influential in defining characteristics of Radancy’s culture: the excitement to embrace change, extreme pride in quality work, and a passion for supporting employee and customer satisfaction.

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Mark Miller

Mark Miller has been working within the talent and human capital realm for nearly 20 years, all within the marketing strategy and employer brand space. At Radancy, Mark is a VP of Client Strategy out of Radancy’s NYC HQ, which means he works with enterprise level clients across diverse industries from finance to aerospace to drive their overall recruitment marketing strategy. Outside of work, Mark is an avid runner and the busy father of two small children and lives in Brooklyn.

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Michelle Abbey

Michelle Abbey is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Radancy. Through her 30-year career with Radancy, Michelle has held almost every position within the business and has helped guide the company’s transition from print to digital, while expanding the client solution set to include a robust SaaS technology platform. She takes pride in Radancy’s reputation as an organization that gives its workforce opportunities to embrace innovation and change. As a result of having fostered this strategic corporate culture, Radancy is able to define new talent acquisition trends and develop creative solutions to solve client challenges. Michelle works to ensure this same passion is infused into each client engagement through the delivery of award-winning, transformational work.

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Mike Bliss

Mike is the Sales Development Manager at Radancy. He has over 12 years of experience in the Cloud HCM Software Industry. One of the things he enjoys most about his work at Radancy is having a front-row seat watching the changes that shape the candidate experience and how businesses attract, engage and ultimately hire the people that will drive the success of their enterprise. He likes taking walks with his wife and their dog, spending time with his 3 kids, fishing on a quiet pond, and the occasional round of golf.

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Mya Peters

Mya Peters is a DEI Digital Media Project Manager on the Radancy Labs team. She evaluates the current landscape for DEI trends, best practices, and innovation in talent acquisition technology. Mya’s research helps Radancy and its clients understand where people from underrepresented groups are positioned in today’s workforce and what digital strategies can be put in motion to reach this population.

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Nathan Perrott

As VP, Strategy & Innovation at Radancy, Nathan is responsible for observing emerging trends in technology and the future of work to drive product and strategy innovation, bringing the value of Radancy Labs' work to our clients and colleagues, and also leads the European team of solutions engineers who drive value from the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud.

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Neta Yoffe

Neta is the Director of Marketing for Radancy. By day, she oversees and executes strategic global marketing and communications efforts; social media, content development and marketing, public relations, digital marketing, influencer relations and thought leadership, and global brand strategy. However, by night, Neta shares her social media and marketing wisdom as a contributor to various publications, along with her delicious recipes that she whips up in the kitchen.

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Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a Senior Vice President at Radancy. He is an acknowledged expert on social media strategy and employer reputation, and he plays a hands-on role working with world-leading employers.

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Peter Saunders

Peter Saunders is a VP Solution Engineer at Radancy, working alongside key customers to ensure success utilizing the Radancy Talent Acquisition Cloud. He is a co-leader of the Atlanta Give Back Day team and on the board of Servantee, a golf/volunteering non-profit.

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Rachel Maude

Rachel Maude has been at TMP five years and has a background in digital media and marketing. She started as an Account Director in our Boston office then transitioned into a role as a Campaign Strategist which focused on overseeing our Boston clients’ media strategies and campaign performance. After moving to our London office, Rachel moved into the role of Digital Strategist supporting our global accounts. Rachel specializes in building relationships with our clients and helping them connect with tools, strategies and solutions to be successful with their talent management, employer branding and recruitment needs.

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Featured Author

Rae Steinbach

Rae is a guest contributor for 15Five, a performance management platform that combines employee feedback, objectives, pulse surveys, and peer recognition. Rae is a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree. After spending time living and working abroad in China, she returned to NYC to pursue her career and continue curating quality content. Rae is passionate about travel, food, and writing, of course.

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Russell Miyaki

Russell Miyaki, Senior Vice President, Creative Services leads Radancy’s global team of creative and brand development professionals. Russell, a hands-on creative, takes his renowned talents to lead Radancy into the next generation of digital, social and mobile solutions for our global clients. His vision, passion and unparalleled commitment to innovation is the driving force behind Radancy’s current and future creative offerings.

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Shannon Powell

Shannon Powell is a Senior Content Marketer at Radancy where she works with clients to execute strategies, develop content, write social calendars and more. With a background in journalism from Northwestern University, she has always been passionate about communications and has been with Radancy since 2016. She is also obsessed with music and sings in her free time, along with adding to her massive record collection.

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Shawn Paul Wood

Shawn Paul Wood is a director of client strategy based out of Radancy’s Dallas/Fort Worth office. By ensuring each client is progressive and proactive with digital reach, optimized content, and strategic execution, he continues to help the DFW team provide stellar client experiences (and all-around positive mojo). Prior to landing at Radancy, Shawn Paul was a global digital strategist, national voice-over artist, regional radio personality and news director, and a local copywriting director. Aside from that eclectic mix, he’s a homebody who has a penchant for Twitter.

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Sophia Madana

As a Sr. Content Strategist at Radancy, Sophia consults clients on how content marketing and social media can impact an employer’s overarching goals. She uses her knowledge to create tailored strategies and document measurable milestones. Sophia has been honing her content and social marketing experience since 2009 for B2C as well as B2B initiatives. She has a background in Journalism.

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Spencer Parra

Spencer Parra is the VP of Product Management for advertising and data products at Radancy. In that capacity, Spencer and his team of product managers, program managers, data scientists, and data analysts work to develop products in a data driven mindset. As the leader of Advertising products, he works to bring a holistic full funnel approach to Radancy’s advertising technology stack with Programmatic Jobs at its foundation. Through data products, he tells the story of media performance via Radancy’s Metrics Gateway and helps ensure data is democratized through Radancy’s unified platform. Spencer came to Radancy from the Perengo acquisition in mid 2019 where he served as Lead Product Manager and a member of the founding team. With Perengo, he worked towards the vision of leveraging the same rigor and concepts from ecommerce advertising technology to the recruitment advertising space. Prior to Perengo, Spencer launched and supported in-app advertising products at Criteo as a solutions engineer. Spencer holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Steve Graham

Steve Graham, SVP, Global Employer Branding at Radancy oversees the global employer brand group, evolving the practice and driving innovation, while capitalizing on the ever-changing digital, social and mobile landscape. He assists clients in identifying, defining and communicating their employer brand, both internally and externally with an emphasis on developing innovative ways in which employees of an organization can organically embrace – and live - the company’s brand attributes.

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Steven Ehrlich

As SVP, Global Client Development at Radancy, Steven works across global markets to help companies develop strategies to engage the talent they need to drive growth. Recognized as one of the Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting, Steven has worked on Radancy client accounts in the education, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, retail, and manufacturing sectors. In the past five years, he has been selected by more than 100 conferences as a keynote speaker due to his extraordinary digital expertise.

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Tammy Mao

As the Digital Architect and one of the Product Marketing Managers at Radancy New York, Tammy has many years of experience consulting with Fortune 100 clients on their recruitment and marketing technology needs. As a member of the digital strategy and product marketing teams, she collaborates with clients, strategic partners, and across internal teams to bring to life best-in-class digital solutions that deliver positive business outcomes. When she is not in the office, she splits her time between hermit-ing with 3 dogs and window shopping to fuel her retail therapy addiction.

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Tim Sodko

Tim joined Radancy in 2009 as an Analyst and has worked on and/or managed various teams in the Media and Analytics departments. This has provided him with a well-balanced view of customer challenges, and how Radancy data can help solve those challenges. In his current role, Tim acts as the driving force behind Radancy’s analytics and reporting offerings. He has redefined the way we collect data and present information to our customers. Through client consultations, market research, and an innate curiosity, he can find a solution for nearly any reporting challenge.

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Tin Chu

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Featured Author

TMP Worldwide

Radancy is a global leader in talent acquisition technologies, committed to finding new ways to leverage software, strategy and creative to build talent and enhance our clients' employer brands – across every connection point.

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Todd Maycunich

Todd is responsible for helping create unique opportunities for Radancy and their clients through the observation and implementation of emerging technology and defining the future of how it will all be measured. Todd is also co-founder of Radancy Labs: a design thinking focused innovation lab.

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Yvette Milne

Yvette Milne is the Regional Creative Director at Radancy San Francisco — a team she joined as a copywriter back in 2000. In the Creative Director role since 2007, she manages global creative teams and drives the entire creative process from inception to execution alongside her internal and client stakeholders. Yvette takes an all-in approach to the projects she works on, immersing herself in each of her clients’ unique brands, stories, challenges and goals. A native San Franciscan who still calls the city home, Yvette enjoys running, hiking, snowboarding and the outdoors with her husband and three children.

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