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(Em)Powering Female Leaders at Intel

Intel is a company long known to have made a profound impact on business and society – first as a PC-centric company and now as a data-centric one – by powering computing and communications.

But, they have not necessarily been known for female representation – despite having reached full representation in their US workforce two years ahead of their 2020 goal.

Nearing the end of 2019, Intel knew it was time to turbocharge their efforts to change this perception. So they partnered with TMP and set out to show the world all the ways they support female employees, particularly those in STEM, during all phases of their career journey.

Some of the ways that Intel empowers women at all levels within the company include global gender pay equity, numerous mentorship programs, STEM camps for new talent, extended maternity leave and gradual return-to-work programs, and of course, the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies and help change the future. But, they still needed to find the best way to exhibit this initiative to those outside the company.

“This was the largest campaign we’ve ever launched and was critical to our business. Our goal was to share our deep commitment to developing women’s careers within Intel. Because of our partnership with TMP, we reached over 600,000 unique individuals on LinkedIn with this message – and we’re already seeing positive hiring results. TMP has been a truly valuable creative partner.” Kristin Dagg, employer brand strategist and U.S. talent attraction marketing manager, Intel Sales and Marketing.

The result? The ‘Amazing Inside’ campaign.

The campaign features images of professional women in moments of truth – moments that most employers and colleagues don’t see or acknowledge. Walking kids to school. Catching up on emails late at night. Prepping for a presentation. Trying for balance.

The primary message is that … Intel sees this. We see you. And we respond by taking progressive steps to support your “amazing.”

Here’s a taste…

“For the campaign to truly resonate, we wanted it to feel candid, emotional and real,” explains Yvette Milne, TMP’s creative director. “The black and white imagery lends an editorial feel, while the slice-of-life subject matter reinforces the stories we set up with the POWERED BY / EMPOWERED AT headlines.”

Of course, Intel is a global company, so a US-centric campaign would be more than counter-productive.

Localization across their prime markets was imperative.

Let’s take a look at India:

…and China:

With a truly targeted, inclusive, and global campaign, Intel can now tell their story better than ever. Custom creative was deployed across all markets and all channels – including Intel-owned properties like their blog and social media channels, as well as partner sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Fairygodboss.

Powering the world and empowering female talent – that’s Intel.

You can view Intel’s 2019 D&I report at: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/diversity/diversity-inclusion-annual-report.html

Special thanks to the Intel Account Team at TMP:

  • Yvette Milne, Creative Director and Copywriter
  • Sarah Qureshi, Account Director
  • Brett Zingler, Global Relationship Manager
  • Louis Vong, Vice President, Digital Strategy
  • Bernie Valdez, Art Director

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